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280first is a financial services firm that dynamically analyzes unstructured data from various sources to produce actionable insights for investment professionals. The first to combine Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics with experienced analysts, 280first decodes the text within financial filings to allow for deeper analysis, higher productivity, and more informed investment decisions.

FirstAlert Corporate Filings Insights

FirstAlert utlilizes Al, Natural Language Processing and analytics to dynamically source and analyzes unstructured data (text) in companies' corporate filings, extracting and revealing key information buried in mountains of text. Automated alerts deliver timely notice of the uncovered insights and material changes from previous filings. Highlighted information ranges from alerts requiring immediate action to insights into long term trends in the industry, to subtle changes in language that signal intention or internal projects that are significant to investors. The information revealed is often otherwise unknown to the marketplace and provides early indications of management intentions or projects that precede company announcements.

Added to Marketplace: May 20, 2020

2iQ Research

Founded in 2002 at the Frankfurt University business incubator, 2iQ has become a leading provider of insider transaction data with global coverage of over 60,000 stocks. 2iQ uses proprietary technology that includes machine learning and smart scraping plus an international team of expert data analysts to ensure smart, efficient capturing and processing of company filings and data. Top hedge funds, quantitative portfolio managers, and asset managers leverage 2iQ’s products and services.

2iQ Global Insider Transaction Data

Gain access to an accurate and complete global insider transaction database that provides an average of 3,000 transactions daily. Contrary to other sentiment data, 2iQ captures ownership activity of corporate insiders who use their own capital to demonstrate confidence in their business. 2iQ has leveraged over a decade of experience working with insider transaction data and some of the top quantitative managers globally to create a custom insider transactions rating model. This model ranks companies based on insider sentiment to identify the transactions and insiders with the highest predictive strength, then delivers a trading signal in the form of a score which can be used as an input to the quantitative portfolio construction process.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 25, 2019

Aapryl LLC

Aapryl is a financial technology company that develops analytical tools for asset allocators to use for investment manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management activities. In addition, Aapryl offers a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool for investment managers wanting to understand how they are being viewed by investors and consultants.


Aapryl is an analytical, investment manager research platform which provides allocators the tools to discern which managers possess skill through factor timing or stock selection, as opposed to managers whose style has just been in favor. Aapryl has several modules which allow users to analyze a funds skill and style, simulate returns, optimize portfolios, analyze if a fund has factor crowding risk, and screen for new managers.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 06, 2020

ACRe Data

ACRe Data, Inc. is a leading provider of Alternative Data for the U.S. Municipal marketplace. ACRe aggregates data from numerous non-subjective sources, and ranks each City/Town, County, and School District in the United States using a proprietary methodology that analyzes census data, crime data, environmental data, health data, personal infrastructure data and climate change data. All data is linked to the of the issuer.

American County Review Rankings

The American County Review provides rankings and underlying data for socioeconomic factors including climate change, environmental, health, crime, flood risk, opioid prescription rates, mortality overdose rates, superfund sites, coal ash impoundment and more. ACRe provides a broad and detailed analysis of each individual County and its respective School District. Final rankings are provided for each County, School District, and City/Town. Counties, School Districts, and Cities / Towns are ranked both within their own individual state, as well as against all peers, nationally. This patent pending ranking is an invaluable tool for risk assessment for asset owners, retail and commercial real estate participants, and index providers.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 12, 2019

Advera Health Analytics

Advera Health Analytics is a global leader in pharmacovigilance software, analytics, and data at the leading edge of drug safety science. Founded in 2010 by a group of passionate healthcare entrepreneurs, Advera Health’s mission is to mitigate risk in the healthcare system by improving the transparency and actionability of drug safety data through the curation and aggregation of large disparate datasets and the application of proprietary analytics.

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)

Advera Health's FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database is the gold standard for cleaned, de-duplicated, and dynamically linked FAERS data.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 26, 2020

Alexandria Technology

Alexandria Technology creates proprietary machine learning algorithms that classify text for entities, events/topics, sentiment, and more. Launched in 2012, Alexandria’s classification systems have been trained by research analysts and portfolio managers, creating an AI analyst that reads text like a human but performs with the speed and consistency of a machine.

Alexandria Text Analytics - Commodity

Alexandria’s Global Commodity dataset is the application of their proprietary algorithms for text analytics on commodity-related news. Each article is summarized into a record of structured data which includes the type of commodity, the topic or news event, and the overall sentiment of the article based on their AI analyst’s assessment on how it will affect that commodity (positive impact, negative impact or neutral/no impact).

Added to Marketplace: May 29, 2020

Alexandria Text Analytics - Economic

Alexandria’s Global Economic dataset is the application of their proprietary algorithms on macro-economic news. Each article is summarized into a record of structured data which includes the economic country or region, the topic or news event, and the overall sentiment of the article based on their AI analyst’s assessment on how it will affect that economy (positive impact, negative impact or neutral/no impact). Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 28, 2018

Alexandria Text Analytics - Equity

Market sentiment news analysis that covers 110,000+ public companies worldwide. Algorithms trained by buy-side research analysts replicate their own analysis of news items, which yields a more accurate and consistent classification across a deep history of news stories. This product helps quantitative researchers and compliance professionals better understand and explore the impact of news and provide more clarity on trade activity. Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 10, 2018

Real-Time ESG

Alexandria’s global ESG Sentiment and Topics dataset is the application of proprietary algorithms on ESG-related news. Each company news article is summarized into a record of structured data showing the company, the topic, and the overall sentiment for that article . Each record of data represents an ESG topic being present in a news story.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 30, 2020

Transcript Text Analytics

Alexandria’s global transcripts dataset is the application of proprietary algorithms on company transcripts; as well as on earnings, investor, and all public company calls. Each transcript is parsed into many sections of structured data, each showing detail on what was said in that section including the topic, the sentiment, the speaker and more.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 17, 2020

AllTheRooms Analytics

AllTheRooms Analytics is a leading supplier of data and analytics for the short-term rental market. With the ability to aggregate and catalog every room on the planet, sourced from myriad providers, AllTheRooms is in the unique position to provide the most comprehensive insight into the hospitality and vacation rental presence in any market.

Vacation Rental Market Intelligence Report

Gain access to reports that provide a snapshot overview of the entire vacation rental market landscape including vacation rental impact within any given market - neighborhood, city, county, state or country -including occupancy rates, average daily rate, revenue per available room, supply, demand, and gross revenues broken down by total, instant book, entire homes, private rooms, and shared rooms.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 03, 2019

Alveo Technology

Alveo is the leader in market data integration and analytics solutions for financial services. Focused on optimizing data flows for user self-service, we provide cloud-native data aggregation and data quality management that enables clients to access trusted data while maximizing their data ROI. Through our managed services, we ensure that clients can smoothly onboard, prepare and validate data for use in operations, trading, investment management, pricing, risk, reporting and machine learning.

Alveo Alpha

Alpha is a cloud-deployed delivery, storage and analytics platform using Cassandra NoSQL database technology and Apache Spark. It offers very fast data access and significant reductions in infrastructure costs. Alpha provides an extensive range of accessibility and exploration options to allow easy access to data coming from our data mastering solution as well as other data sources. Alpha includes native integration to Python and R, as well as integration with BI tools. Business users directly access data through enterprise search capabilities and use Spark to develop and on-board financial models. Alpha is used as part of a market data infrastructure to provision mastered market data for proxies, backtesting, risk and stress testing.

Added to Marketplace: May 17, 2021

Alveo Data Mastering Platform: Prime

Our range of data quality management and technology solutions service the entire data management lifecycle, including reference data, market data and corporate actions. Alveo enables business and IT users in front, middle and back office make the most of their data assets by providing easy data acquisition, cleansing and validation, distribution, discovery, and monitoring. Our data mastering solution including our Ops360 UX tracks the lifecycle from point of capture, through cross-referencing, data quality management and data derivation to final delivery. All while having the ability to see complete data lineage to know which sources led to certain values or prices - and when they changed.

Added to Marketplace: May 07, 2021

PaSS - Managed Services

Alveo’s Platform as a Scalable Managed Service (PaSS) allows customers to wrap the award-winning Alveo technology with scalable delivery, global operations, continuous change controls, and domain expertise. Alveo’s approach to managed services is rooted in deep domain knowledge and experience addressing customers’ data onboarding, integration, and distribution challenges. PaSS can be used to flexibly source data management operations, from a use-case level to enterprise scale. PaSS materially lowers the cost of ownership by supplying data management capability to your organization while allowing you to reap the benefits of a platform that incorporates best practices across a large and growing client base.

Added to Marketplace: May 17, 2021

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis

AWS Redshift

Enable faster, more cost-effective data onboarding and analysis with FactSet's integration with AWS Redshift. Integration provides native access to 100 + FactSet-proprietary and Third party connected content sets in AWS' fully-managed, cloud-native data warehouse.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 22, 2021

Amenity Analytics

Amenity Analytics' NLP Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to empower businesses to draw actionable insights from text on a massive scale. With domain expertise in the financial sector and customizable to any strategy or industry, Amenity analyzes regulatory filings, earnings call transcripts, news coverage and research reports or internal documents. Information in text is pinpointed and then delivered in effective formats that are intuitive to use and designed to enhance existing workflows.

Coronavirus Tracker

Systematically monitor company exposure to COVID-19 with a live feed that tracks how your portfolio discusses the virus and what subtopics are being mentioned. Our NLP model analyzes earnings call transcripts and news articles for topics related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as Facilities, Financial Expectations, Guidance Change, Insurance Risk, Supply Demand and others.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 17, 2020

Insights Platform

Discover critical insights from unstructured financial text, research at scale and share your findings in boardroom-ready dashboards with Amenity Analytics’ all-in-one text analytics application, the Insights Platform. Using our superior natural language processing technology, Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, financial exchanges and insurance companies extract key events, business trends and sentiment from earnings call transcripts, SEC filings, news and more.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 18, 2019

Text Analytics Enterprise Solutions for Financial Services

Customize your workflow with Amenity Analytics’ data signals. Offering a cloud-based text analytics API service, Amenity empowers financial services companies to draw actionable insights from any source of unstructured text data. Amenity’s NLP models and AI driven insights engine utilizes ML/Deep Learning to provide results with unparalleled accuracy and deployment speed.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 18, 2019

Thematic Sentiment APIs

Transform unstructured data into a structured set of themes and overall sentiment scoring that's more powerful and accurate than a sentiment score alone. Using FactSet’s Events & Transcripts data, Amenity Analytics' Thematic Sentiment APIs allow investors to categorize earnings calls and other forms of unstructured financial data into meaningful insights. These APIs apply sentiment analysis and classify clients’ data into dozens of unique events such as margin commentary, employment, and capacity. Further categorization allows users to navigate data by sections such as Q&A, Speakers and Key Drivers.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 18, 2019

Arabesque S-Ray

Arabesque S-Ray is a global data provider that focuses on advisory and data solutions by combining big data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to assess the sustainability performance of companies worldwide. S-Ray empowers its users across the world to make more sustainable decisions. The firm’s evolution is the product of a partnership between leaders in finance, technology and sustainability all working together to mainstream sustainable finance.

Arabesque S-Ray® Sustainability Scores

The Arabesque S-Ray® data feed provides four lenses for analysis on the sustainability of 8,000 of the world’s largest corporations through the GC Score, ESG Score, Preferences Filter, and Temperature™ Score. The additional Feature layer data feed serves as the building blocks for the GC and ESG scores and provides even more insight into a company’s sustainability performance through scores on 22 well-defined sustainability topics. Through big data and machine learning, these scores combine over 250 ESG metrics from company reports with daily news signals from over 30,000 sources across 170 countries and NGO campaigns. The Temperature score is built from publicly disclosed greenhouse gas emissions data and covers over 3,100 companies.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 31, 2019


Arialytics was founded in 2010 and is a leading provider of artificial intelligence investment research and portfolio solutions. The company helps asset managers and investment professionals reduce bias in research, increase rational decision-making, improve investment consistency, and obtain unique insights from data.

Arialytics IDEAS™ - US Equity Research

Arialytics IDEAS™ is a comprehensive, point-in-time artificial intelligence data feed that processes millions of data streams into return assessments for 5,000+ US listed equities (including ADRs), and 200+ industries across seven investment horizons ranging from one month to five years. Arialytics IDEAS™ provides both real-time analytic value and historical depth to asset managers.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 14, 2019

Arialytics IDEAS™ Alpha - US Equity Research

Arialytics IDEAS™ Alpha is a comprehensive, survivor-bias-free, point-in-time artificial intelligence data feed that processes millions of fundamental, exchange, and macroeconomic data streams into alpha assessments for 5,000+ US listed and traded equities and ADRs, as well as 200+ industries across seven investment horizons ranging from one month to five years. An additional 5,000+ delisted firms are also included allowing for bias-free model development and backtesting.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 14, 2019


Ascential is a leading specialist, global information company. We enable smart decision-making for the world’s most ambitious businesses. In an increasingly complex, digitally-driven world, we help the world’s top consumer product and service companies understand what’s important and how to act on it.

Instock Apparel Pricing & Availability

Ascential works with the world’s best consumer brands and their ecosystems, connecting them with their customers throughout the purchase journey. Ascential also sells data to financial services clients. The Ascential alternative data team has expertise at pricing, sales and share, and consumer perception in sectors such as apparel, grocery, and CPG. Ascential’s Instock data tracks the price and availability of millions of apparel, footwear, and accessories products allowing our financial services clients to track movements in average price, promotional markdown depths for gross margin predictions, availability challenges, range expansions with weekly data, and up to 7 years history.

Added to Marketplace: Nov 13, 2020

Aurora Mobile

Founded in 2011, JIGUANG (Nasdaq:JG, also known as Aurora Mobile) is China's leading mobile developer service provider. Their products include SDKs for push notifications, instant messaging, analytics, sharing, SMS and more. By offering targeted marketing (''XiaoGuoTong''), financial risk management, market intelligence and location-based intelligence, JIGUANG empowers developers and traditional industry customers to improve productivity and optimize decision making for businesses and society.


iApp provides detailed mobile app usage information on any app in China, no matter how large or small. Some of the metrics provided include Install Base, New Users, Active Users including DAU and MAU, Time Spent, Geographical Breakdown and Demographics. Data is self-sourced, from Aurora Mobile’s market leading position in providing SDKs for developers, with the largest SDK for push notifications. Currently, over 1.4 million apps use their SDKs, growing at over 1,000 apps per day. iApp’s sample size is the largest in the market with over 1.3 billion unique mobile devices per month, or over 90% of the devices in China. The data is updated with a lag of T+3 and history goes back to 2016.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 24, 2020


Bitvore provides unprecedented business insights from unstructured data. Deployed in over 70 of the world's largest financial institutions, Bitvore helps clients outperform by providing the ability to make faster and more effective decisions. Their AI-powered flagship product, Bitvore Cellenus, is groundbreaking - ingesting massive amounts of unstructured data and uses advanced NLP and machine learning to provide trended company sentiment, growth and risk scoring.

Bitvore Cellenus Corporate, Market & Thematic Intelligence

Bitvore Cellenus® Corporate, Market & Thematic Intelligence is a data feed providing business insights on hundreds of thousands of public and private companies from diverse sets of unstructured data, both public and licensed. Bitvore Cellenus derives company material events, trended sentiment, growth and risk scoring, as well as comparative analytics to drive better business outcomes for customers. Bitvore Cellenus also offers clients the ability to get insights into specific markets, industries or business themes.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 29, 2020

BizPortal is an open data mining and analytics provider focused primarily on collecting and processing global public procurement contract awards data. With government spending representing nearly 20% of worldwide GDP, public procurement is a significant piece of the global economy. Clients rely on BizPortal data for insights into macroecomic trends and public spending, company credit and risk analysis, as well as other sales and marketing related applications.


TenderAlpha by Bizportal is a global government contracts data product consisting of standardized information on approximately 80 million contract awards and the related private and public company data from more than 40 countries worldwide. It is the only global government contracting information product with 10 years of data history and various ongoing delivery options. The global government contract information product offers a wide variety of analytical applications by providing powerful revenue prediction and immediate award-triggered alpha signals for stocks of traditional government suppliers in addition to equity research and ESG/economic analysis implications on company/institutional/industry/regional level.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 12, 2020


BQ collects financial information and derives predictive scores on every employer in the U.S., including over 4,000 public and 13 million private companies. BQ leverages audited filings submitted to the IRS, Dept. of Labor, and SBA pertaining to employment, payroll, benefits, delinquencies, financials, and growth. BQ is used for equities, fixed income, macro, and munis, as well as private equity and banking.

BQ US Public Companies

Access over 250 data items sourced directly from filings submitted to the IRS and Dept. of Labor. The public company universe includes all U.S. public companies & U.S. subsidiaries of global companies with employee benefit plans (e.g., healthcare, 401k, profit sharing) representing roughly 4,000 entities. Data is point in time, 2010 - present, collected monthly, and covers all sectors as all U.S. legal entities must file subject to the same federal regulations.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 17, 2019

Blue Fire AI

Blue Fire AI is a capital markets intelligence firm that applies quantitative methodologies to market and financial statement data, as well as machine intelligence to textual content from regulatory filings, articles, footnotes and earnings calls, to create the latest state of truth of any listed company globally. Our AI component is focused on reading, curating, and comprehending textual information to synthesize precise asset level intelligence to help investors make better decisions.


BoardEx is a proprietary relationship mapping and people intelligence service that helps clients connect to their target audience with warm introductions and referrals. The global leadership database covers 1.4 million board and non-board members, C-suite, senior leaders and advisors at 1.9 million organizations. Assess the impact of executive and board changes on current holdings, to enhance client relationships and develop new business with BoardEx, a vast dataset collected over 20 years.

BoardEx People Intelligence Data Feed

The BoardEx People Intelligence Data Feed provides accurate, relevant and timely executive and company data curated from publicly available sources. Delivered daily or weekly in a secure format, the feed includes categories e.g. People, Company, Announcement and Committees. Access executive and company information and specialist data across sectors, indexes and geographies to reveal analytics and insights for data-driven decisions. The BoardEx dataset covers career history, education, achievements, gender, name, age, accumulated wealth, equity-linked wealth, compensation, board, committee and role announcements, company type, advisors, market capitalization, stock, sector, index, corporate actions, PE holdings and more.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 11, 2020


BuildFax, a Verisk business, is a leading provider of property condition and history data for insurance and financial institutions. With more than 84 billion data points on commercial and residential structures, BuildFax delivers under-the-hood insights on remodeling, solar installations, new construction, roof age, major systems, maintenance history and more.

BuildFax Analyst

The BuildFax Analyst File provides detailed insight into U.S. construction activity and cost drivers at the national, state, and zip code levels. The insights are derived from BuildFax’s robust database, rooted in ground-truth permit data, encompassing over 84 billion data points on residential and commercial structures.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 02, 2020


Founded in 2009, ChinaScope is a financial technology firm focusing on the extraction and interpretation of unstructured and semi-structured data related to China. The company’s proprietary data automation systems and NLP algorithms extract, synthesize and standardize numerical and textual data to help global investors make better investment decisions.


SmarTag is ChinaScope’s flagship news analysis engine that deconstructs unstructured Chinese language text into structured machine-readable metadata. Sentiment embedded in the vernacular expressed in the news text is used to calculate scores that can be used to predict stock movements. Mappings for the Chinese characters corresponding to the SmarTag name, title, and summary fields can be made available upon request.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 09, 2020

Clarity AI

Clarity AI provides a technology platform that leverages big data and machine learning to help investors manage portfolios for impact. Clarity AI provides insights on sustainable investing covering various modules (ESG, climate, impact, UN SDGs, and other proprietary methodologies), as well as score customization and reporting capabilities.

Alignment with TCFD

The TCFD score developed by Clarity AI measures the alignment of organizations and portfolios with the recommendations issued by The Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), a market-driven initiative, established to develop recommendations for voluntary and consistent climate-related financial risk disclosures. It helps investors understand how a company is integrating climate risks and opportunities in its strategy and forward planning (in contrast to just backward reporting). It also supports engagement strategies, identifying areas where companies can improve their practices and disclosures related to climate risks and opportunities.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 22, 2020


Fueled by over $1.5 trillion in annual B2B transactions, Cortera, through the Cortera Credit Exchange, provides financial firms with insightful views into the characteristics of public and privately-held companies. With over 25 years in commercial credit, thousands of companies rely on Cortera for unique data, forward thinking, rapid results and superior value.

Cortera Spend Insights

Predict the financial health and future performance of businesses by identifying trends in purchasing, spend and payment behaviors over the past 3+ years, segmented across 45 categories. Information includes firmographics and modeled attributes.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 19, 2019

Credit Benchmark

Credit Benchmark aggregates the views of institutional credit analysts to create a first of its kind, forward-looking credit risk consensus. Contributed to, trusted by, and used by the world's leading financial institutions, Credit Benchmark provides transparency into the views of thousands of risk professionals by leveraging the data that they use to manage their own business activity and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Aggregate Analytics

Unique content derived from Credit Benchmark's database of over 750,000+ risk observations, contributed from thousands of credit analysts at the world's leading financial institutions. The database provides hundreds of forward-looking, trend-tracking aggregates across 105+ countries, 300+ industries and 75+ sectors.

Added to Marketplace: Nov 21, 2019

Credit Suisse HOLT

HOLT is a team that helps investors make better decisions by using an objective framework for comparing and valuing companies. HOLT provides investors with a unique and consistent approach to benchmarking the corporate profitability of 20,000 companies around the world. The HOLT methodology eliminates distortions in global accounting statements, enabling clients to focus on investment decision-making, rather than on data collection.

Accounting Quality

A Patented Approach to Understanding Accounting Risk Powered by the best data and a model built by CPAs + CFAs, Credit Suisse’s Accounting Quality (CSAQ) helps investors bring accounting quality into their investment process by systemically identifying potential risks across their holdings using a 100% quantitative approach. The underlying data is powered by HOLT, a team renowned for its quality of data and expertise in making adjustments to reported financial data to remove accounting distortions and enable investors to better understand the true operating fundamentals and valuation of a company. CSAQ is used by top investment banks and hedge funds, and should be a critical piece to your investment process.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 17, 2021

HOLT Core Metrics Extended

The HOLT framework is used by nearly half of the world's largest asset management companies to help them make smarter investment decisions. HOLT's expanding reach into markets and sectors around the world has made it a valued resource for institutional investors of almost any size. HOLT Core Metrics includes proprietary corporate performance and valuation measures from the CFROI® framework. HOLT's metrics are comparable across industries, countries and time due to the unique nature of the framework's inflation and accounting adjustments. HOLT Core Metrics includes data points across various categories including economic-based returns, valuation and momentum.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 17, 2021

HOLT Factor Library

The HOLT Scorecard has three main factors: Quality, Momentum, and Valuation. The Scorecard combines these three factors on an equal-weight basis into an Overall Factor that benefits from diversification, which mitigates performance impacts resulting from factor rotations. Two additional factors are calculated to help describe the attributes of a stock across two dimensions investors find helpful when filtering ideas: Growth and Risk. The construction of the HOLT Factor Library applies 30+ years of modeling experience to create robust factors that account for both the distribution and order of data. The Factor Library carefully transforms raw metrics to create factors that are free of distributional impacts of the raw measures.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 17, 2021


CSRHub offers one of the world’s broadest and most consistent set of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings, covering 19,000+ companies. Its patented Big Data algorithm combines millions of data points on ESG performance from hundreds of sources, including leading ESG analyst raters, to produce consensus scores on all aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CSRHub ratings can be used to drive corporate, investor and consumer decisions.

CSRHub ESG Business Intelligence

Enhance corporate, investor, and consumer ESG and sustainability decision-making with strong signal data from CSRHub. Through a patented algorithm and machine learning, CSRHub aggregates and harmonizes disparate data from over 650 SRI/ESG sources to generate a consensus score for the ESG performance of more than 19,000 global companies from 140+ countries. Leverage CSRHub’s big data expertise to increase corporate market value, see portfolio opportunities and risks, and augment other Business Intelligence data.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 05, 2019

Data Simply

Data Simply provides investors better, faster ESG and financial signal data using data science. Quickly and easily extract meaningful insights from data by turning unstructured data (text) into investment signals. Leverage emerging technology around machine intelligence to drive growth. Reduce technology risk by letting Data Simply deliver both raw and processed data that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing models.


DiligenceVault was launched in 2014 and is headquartered in New York with offices in India, Singapore, and UK. DV is majority owned by employees with external investment from industry veterans and a strategic investment from Goldman Sachs. The DiligenceVault ecosystem is over 21,000 users - join today!

Digital Diligence

DiligenceVault is a two-sided digital diligence platform for asset owners and allocators to improve due diligence processes and outcomes through digitization and automation. DiligenceVault offers a digital platform to collect, structure, and analyze manager and fund data across investment, operational due diligence, ESG, compliance and tax teams making traditional and alternative investments.

Added to Marketplace: May 04, 2021


Entelligent is a specialist quantitative analytics firm that produces data for assessing climate change risk in the capital markets. Our Smart Climate® platform is the world's first patented climate-scenario analysis tool that scores companies based on the resilience and sensitivity their share prices exhibit under a range of future climate paths. Our scores are forward-looking, updated every quarter, and available with over 10 years of historic data for performance backtesting purposes.

Smart Climate® E-Score®

The Entelligent data feed is a forward-looking scenario analysis based product that incorporates a proprietary climate risk rating system for publicly listed equity securities. The patented Smart Climate® methodology applies climate scenario analysis to examine the expected impact of new ESG and sustainability laws, regulations, policies, technology and energy transitions on energy demand, mix and pricing together with the forecast impact on individual stocks. Our feed provides information on companies' resilience to climate change on a quarterly basis and gives access to 10+ years of historic data on the climate resiliency of stocks covering 85% of the global investable equity set.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 26, 2020


Equifax is a global company that believes knowledge drives progress. The company blends unique data, analytics, and technology to create insights that power decisions to move people forward. With worldwide data on more than 800M individuals, 100M businesses and 1M employer contributions, Equifax plays an essential role in the global economy by helping financial institutions, companies, employees, and government agencies make critical decisions with greater confidence.

Credit Trends

Derived from 100% of the Equifax national credit database of more than 250 million consumers, Credit Trends is a comprehensive suite of anonymous, linked time-series credit data at the zip-code level specifically attributed for trending, market analysis, benchmarking and research. Updated monthly.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 20, 2020

Small Business Indices and Industry-Level Credit Risk

Leverage the largest database of U.S. and Canadian private business loans, leases and lines of credit to better understand economic trends, demand for capital and financial conditions based on small to medium business loan origination, delinquencies and defaults. Available indices include: SBLI: New Business Lending Loan Volume, SBDI: Small Business Delinquencies and SBDFI: Small Business Default. Our AbsolutePD County NAICS contains the probability of default for all 4-digit industry NAICS codes for every county and state in the U.S.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 23, 2020

Equilar, Inc.

Equilar is the leading provider of corporate leadership data solutions. Companies of all sizes rely on Equilar, including 70% of the Fortune 500 and institutional investors representing over $20 trillion in assets. Equilar’s data-driven solutions helps business leaders, institutional investors and advisors assess leadership talent through a social and governance lens and drive exceptional results.

Equity & Compensation

Equilar’s Data Feed allows assessment of the quality, track record, and decision making patterns of executives and board members. This 360 degree view includes compensation and incentive metrics, career history over public, private and non-profit companies, equity transactions and future liquidity events, relationship strength and corporate connections, and ethnic and gender diversity. Collectively this represents the next generation of ESG (Executive, Social, and Governance), reflecting the performance and effectiveness of diverse leadership. Explore each data set to determine the combination that best fits your needs: 1. People Business Intelligence 2. Equity & Compensation 3. Executive & Director Relationships

Added to Marketplace: Aug 05, 2021

Executive & Director Relationships

Equilar’s Data Feed allows assessment of the quality, track record, and decision making patterns of executives and board members. This 360 degree view includes compensation and incentive metrics, career history over public, private and non-profit companies, equity transactions and future liquidity events, relationship strength and corporate connections, and ethnic and gender diversity. Collectively this represents the next generation of ESG (Executive, Social, and Governance), reflecting the performance and effectiveness of diverse leadership. Explore each data set to determine the combination that best fits your needs: 1. People Business Intelligence 2. Equity & Compensation 3. Executive & Director Relationships

Added to Marketplace: Aug 05, 2021

People Business Intelligence

Equilar’s Data Feed allows assessment of the quality, track record, and decision making patterns of executives and board members. This 360 degree view includes compensation and incentive metrics, career history over public, private and non-profit companies, equity transactions and future liquidity events, relationship strength and corporate connections, and ethnic and gender diversity. Collectively this represents the next generation of ESG (Executive, Social, and Governance), reflecting the performance and effectiveness of diverse leadership. Explore each data set to determine the combination that best fits your needs: 1. People Business Intelligence 2. Equity & Compensation 3. Executive & Director Relationships

Added to Marketplace: Aug 05, 2021


Estimize is an open financial estimates platform which collects forward-looking financial estimates from buy-side, independent, and sell-side analysts, along with those of industry experts and academics. By sourcing estimates from a larger and more diverse community of individuals, Estimize provides a more accurate, more timely, and more representative view of expectations compared to sell-side only data sets. The firm was founded in 2011 and is located in New York.

Estimize US Equities

Gain access to crowdsourced earnings and revenue estimates from 70,000+ hedge fund, brokerage, independent, and amateur analysts covering over 2,600 U.S. companies in multiple sectors, including Technology, Healthcare, and Industrials. Estimize’s diverse range of data provides estimates that allow you to avoid the systematic bias of the Wall Street consensus. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Daily

Added to Marketplace: Apr 10, 2018


ExtractAlpha is an independent research firm dedicated to providing unique, actionable alpha signals to institutional investors. Their rigorously built quantitative models are designed for institutional investors to gain a measurable edge over their competitors. ExtractAlpha also partners with top FinTech data firms to identify investment value in their data sets and help investors profit from these unique new sources of information.

ESGEvents Library

ExtractAlpha's ESGEvents Library is a raw dataset designed to help institutional investors derive measures of company behavior along Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) lines. ESGEvents also goes beyond traditional ESG measures to identify companies which have actively engaged in political activity, and those which have invested in innovation. The dataset includes 11 types of events, collected from from 9 government bodies, with history from as far back as 1972, covering more than 4000 U.S. stocks.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 11, 2020


FactSet creates data and technology solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions. We combine our unique proprietary datasets, your in-house data, and third-party unstructured data to help you see and seize opportunity sooner.

Advisor Dashboard

Improve internal and external communication as well as client engagement with an intuitive, responsive, and integrated wealth management platform. Access all your accounts in one consolidated view with a dynamic interface that is personalized for each advisor. Quickly evaluate top positions and use traditional as well as FactSet’s proprietary signals to discern trends and evaluate market-moving events. View summary statistics for your entire book of business or a subset, including total market value, aggregate holdings, and asset allocation. Evaluate your portfolios by household, individual, strategy, and more.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 03, 2021

Asset Management Portal

Satisfy your clients’ need for timely portfolio insights and more active participation with powerful digital solutions that deliver tailored, proactive advice via a secure portal. Leverage FactSet’s Asset Management Portal to present a robust digital solution to your clients, even if you lack the digital expertise and budget to build an in-house platform. Present a multi-asset class solution, with detailed portfolio breakdowns across equity sectors, fund types (ETFs/mutual funds), and fixed income classifications.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 30, 2021

Benchmark Constituents API

With decades of experience integrating data and a host of database engineers and quality assurance staff ensuring timeliness and integrity, FactSet provides broad coverage of the highest-quality benchmark data. Covering over 350,000 benchmarks sourced from dozens of vendors, the Benchmark Constituent API allows you to quickly request weight, shares held, price, and market values for a specified date and currency. Simply request a Benchmark ID, and the response returns associated constituent data. The data can then be integrated with other economic, fundamental, fund, ETF, estimate, ownership, and classification data using FactSet’s hub-and-spoke model.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 12, 2019

Data Exploration

FactSet Data Exploration combines the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud with the content of the Open:FactSet Marketplace, offering a streamlined way to explore and evaluate new ideas. Instantly interact with data from the Marketplace in a fully hosted environment that includes industry-standard databases, programming languages (Python and R), and data visualization tools. FactSet Data Exploration eliminates the cost of trialing data locally by providing everything needed to analyze new content with a simple log in. The environment is also available for purchase as an annual subscription.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 01, 2021


DataRobot on FactSet integrates automated machine-learning (ML) technology into the FactSet workstation, allowing users to build, deploy, monitor, and manage sophisticated ML models quickly and easily. Users can scale AI- and data-driven investment strategies, access industry-leading core and unique content sets, and operationalize research creation and alpha signal management - all with support from world-class data science professionals.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 01, 2021

Debt Capital Structure Report Builder

Access a company's comprehensive debt structure with instrument and line item reconciliation to reported total debt. Additionally find a calculated current debt outstanding derived using interim changes since the last report period.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 25, 2021

Documents Distributor - Near Real-time Transcripts API

FactSet’s Near Real-Time Transcripts API enables investors to process what is being said in earnings calls and company events within seconds of the words leaving the speaker’s mouth. Our sophisticated machine learning technology streams XML messages so that you can analyze sentiment, monitor multiple calls simultaneously, and focus your attention on the most important events of the day.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 30, 2021

Exchange DataFeed Solutions

Rely on a partner with decades of experience collecting and delivering exchange data solutions. FactSet’s Exchange DataFeed Solutions provide cost-effective access to consolidated real-time and delayed global exchange data. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 200 global exchanges and across 150+ data fields. Asset types integrated include equities, futures, options, warrants, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, indices, commodities, and FX rates. Leverage SDKs, RESTful APIs, and DataFeeds to easily power proprietary and third-party applications. With the flexibility of subscribing to an entire exchange or a custom list of symbols, exchange data can be delivered to your systems at scale.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 19, 2019

FactSet Benchmark DataFeed Solutions

FactSet’s Benchmark DataFeed (BDF) service allows you to outsource your data management and greatly reduce your operational costs. FactSet’s normalized and efficient file format is compatible across leading vendors in the performance, reporting, compliance and risk market. Benchmark data, combined with our consistent symbology and a centralized, round-the-clock team for support, ensures a cost-effective solution that frees you up to focus on the critical aspects of your business. The BDF solution also provides quality assurance testing and supports revisions and custom benchmarks. FactSet covers over 350,000 benchmarks, amounting to 4 million plus benchmark variants by currency and return type, across dozens of vendors.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 31, 2012

FactSet Broadcast Streaming Exchange DataFeed

FactSet’s Broadcast Streaming Exchange DataFeed provides cost-effective access to consolidated real-time and delayed global exchange data. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 200 global exchanges and across 150+ data fields. Asset types integrated include equities, futures, options, warrants, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, indices, commodities, and FX rates. The Broadcast DataFeed is an object-oriented framework used to communicate with a FactSet data source. FactSet’s proprietary SDK assists developers with all aspects of communication, request/message processing, and subscription management. The classes provided by the SDK simplify data access by providing asynchronous messages to application-defined callbacks.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 01, 2020

FactSet Concordance Service

The FactSet Concordance Service leverages FactSet’s extensive entity master and Symbology databases along with its industry leading content collection expertise to provide one-to-one relationships between locally managed identifiers and the FactSet Entity ID. FactSet identifiers are mapped to industry-standard identifiers, as well as to a comprehensive set of reference data and unique content, to greatly enhance the ability to connect other content sets quickly and easily.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 25, 2021

FactSet Concordance Service on Snowflake

The FactSet Concordance Service on Snowflake leverages FactSet’s extensive entity master and Symbology databases along with its industry leading content collection expertise to provide one-to-one relationships between locally managed identifiers and the FactSet Entity ID. FactSet identifiers are mapped to industry-standard identifiers, as well as to a comprehensive set of reference data and unique content, to greatly enhance the ability to connect other content sets quickly and easily.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 20, 2021

FactSet Corporate Governance

FactSet’s corporate activism database, SharkRepellent, allows you to monitor and analyze corporate activism with data items related to poison pills, significant activism reported in SEC filings and news sources, and key takeover defenses compiled from articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other publicly available sources. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 31, 2015

FactSet Data Management Solutions

Gain access to FactSet’s security- and entity-level symbology and comprehensive entity reference data. Data Management Solutions (DMS) provides all the necessary relationships and connections you need to link disparate sources of information to a master identifier.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 19, 2021

FactSet Debt Capital Structure

Thoroughly examine a company’s sources of debt. Access public and private company debt financing and analyze debt at the individual instrument level. FactSet Debt Capital Structure provides summary and detailed information on the debt structure of more than 75,000 reporting entities globally, linked to over 45,000 ultimate parents. Capture revolving credit (balances and availability), term loans, notes and bonds, and other borrowings as of a specific fiscal date. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Daily.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 29, 2013

FactSet Document Distributor - Events Audio

Access a consolidated source of 500,000+ corporate event audio recordings for 10,000+ companies globally, totaling over 7 TB. Uncover valuable insights, judge sentiment, and unlock alpha based on speakers' tone, manner of speaking, pauses, and more. Pair with our Document Distributor - XML Transcripts product to add a text-based layer to your analysis and to gain access to information about call participants, mapped to FactSet symbology for full connectivity with other content sets. The data is updated on an intraday basis and historical files are available from 2004.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 09, 2020

FactSet Document Distributor - XML StreetAccount News

With real-time, distilled market-moving information, FactSet Document Distributor -StreetAccount provides access to crucial intelligence for the companies and markets that matter to you in a standardized and tagged XML format. StreetAccount features comprehensive U.S. and European company coverage (and expanding Canadian and Asia Pacific coverage) by scanning all possible sources for corporate news, including corporate conference calls, FDA and EU drug approvals, SEC filings, FTC antitrust decisions, brokerage firm upgrades/downgrades, and trading floor conjecture. It also includes around-the-clock market summaries of the U.S., European, and Asian markets. Intraday updates are available and historical content is available from 2003.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 15, 2019

FactSet Document Distributor - XML Transcripts

Access information for over 1.7 million company corporate events, such as conference call date and time, access details, and participant name and contact information. Transcript participants are mapped to FactSet symbology, allowing users to perform historical analysis on firms, individuals, analysts, or brokers using FactSet’s permanent identifiers. Updated intraday, this feed delivers event transcripts in a standardized and tagged XML format.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 28, 2017

FactSet Documents OnDemand API

The Documents OnDemand service is designed to expose FactSet's powerful document search and retrieval functionality. FactSet collects, processes, and stores hundreds of news and document sources globally. A document search will query FactSet’s document databases based on certain search criteria specified in the request. The results are typically one or more story document links. Given a particular document’s story link, a document story request will retrieve and return the document requested. The two reports work together to provide the access to document information.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 10, 2021

FactSet Economic Events and Estimates

Keep track of past and future economic event calendar and estimate information for 60+ countries and regions with FactSet Economic Events and Estimates. Each event record includes descriptive data, release date and time, and the associated indicator, period, and region. In addition, recent actual and consensus estimates are provided for indicator events. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Daily.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 29, 2016

FactSet EMS

Access a modern and intuitive multi-asset execution management system, integrated in the FactSet workstation, and benefit from proven technology and enhanced workstation functionality designed to give traders a clear view of the market.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 03, 2021

FactSet Estimates - Consensus

Gain access to 20+ years of comprehensive estimates and statistics on a wide variety of financial statement items as well as industry specific metrics. Updated intraday, FactSet’s consensus estimates are aggregated from a wide base of contributors and cover over 19,000 active companies across 90+ countries. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 05, 2021

FactSet Estimates - Detail

Updated intraday, the FactSet detail estimates feed provides individual broker-level estimates collected from over 800 sell-side analysts. This database contains 20+ years of broker history across more than 59,000 global companies. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 16, 2021

FactSet Estimates API

Access 20+ years of comprehensive estimates and statistics on a wide variety of financial statement items as well as industry specific metrics. FactSet’s consensus estimates are aggregated from a wide base of contributors and cover over 19,000 active companies across 90+ countries.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 13, 2019

FactSet Estimates Point-in-Time Consensus

Gain access to 10+ years of daily point-in-time consensus estimates. Updated daily, FactSet's point-in-time consensus estimates are aggregated from a wide base of contributors and cover over 19,000 active companies across 90+ countries. The point-in-time consensus estimates database shows data as it was on each day and is not adjusted for broker estimates that were not available as of the consensus date, dilutions, QA corrections, or changes to the default currency.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 14, 2020

FactSet Estimates Report Builder

Access consensus estimates for comprehensive financials, key performance indicators, and company-specific metrics. This data is delivered in a format tailor made for building displays and visualizations.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 23, 2021

FactSet ETF

FactSet ETF data feeds provide complete and accurate security, fund and reference data across the universe of exchange-traded products. Data is sourced from ETF providers across the globe and includes more than 100 unique data points, resulting in comprehensive coverage to help you evaluate and construct ETFs, analyze potential trades, and perform fund research. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 20, 2021

FactSet ETF - SEC 6c-11

Rule 6c-11 under the Investment Company Act of 1940 requires nearly all US ETFs to comply with new website disclosure requirements by December 23, 2020. Accordingly, an ETF must present on its public website certain information related to market price, net asset value, and other market data. FactSet’s data feed solution for Rule 6c-11 supplies ETF issuers with the data required for compliance, along with a set of client-defined data fields for additional flexibility and customization.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 29, 2020

FactSet Events

Find details for over 1.7 million corporate events, such as conference call date and time, phone number and password, type of conference call, and investor relations contact information. Transcript participants are mapped to FactSet symbology, allowing users to perform analysis on firms, individuals, analysts, and brokers using FactSet’s permanent identifiers. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Nov 30, 2011

FactSet Exchange DataFeed Snapshot API

FactSet’s Exchange DataFeed Snapshot API provides cost-effective access to real-time and delayed global exchange data. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 200 global exchanges and across 150+ data fields. Asset types integrated include equities, futures, options, warrants, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, indices, commodities, and FX rates. Cutting-edge technology ensures reliability and provides scalability that allow applications to request multiple items at a time. To simplify client-side development an entire response can be placed in a matrix or table for effortless integration into internal and external applications.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 19, 2019

FactSet Execution Management

Complete the portfolio lifecycle with optimized algorithm selection and automated trading using FactSet’s fully integrated, multi-asset class execution management system (EMS). Combine best-of-breed execution management, powered by Portware Intelligence, with FactSet's robust, accurate data. Strengthen existing FactSet deployments including Portfolio Analysis, risk analytics, attribution, and more, with real-time trade data from the EMS.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 03, 2015

FactSet for CRM

Strengthen your CRM platform with solutions that enable you to stay up-to-date with existing clients and identify new opportunities. Benefit from FactSet content delivered directly to you in your CRM environment through managed applications, APIs, and data feeds. Reinforce CRM as the source of truth when it comes to client relationships, taking advantage of FactSet’s integration into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 03, 2021

FactSet for CRM for Sales & Marketing

FactSet for CRM delivers comprehensive company and market intelligence directly within CRM systems. FactSet for CRM is a managed, purpose-built application for Sales & Marketing users to power in-depth research and elevate client engagement. Strengthen your CRM platform by integrating FactSet’s deep content coverage. Benefit from data reliability, quality, and consistency, alongside increased workflow efficiency. Gain a cohesive view of your customers and drive personalized experiences with standardized data that can be easily accessed in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 31, 2021

FactSet for Microsoft Teams

FactSet’s integration with Microsoft Teams eliminates the need to switch between applications to find and share key information and knowledge with colleagues. Identify your next deal or investment decision with access to public and private company data, ownership summaries, StreetAccount news, and more. Easily surface and share consumable snippets of FactSet market data in Teams to help shape investment strategies, spark conversations with colleagues, and facilitate meaningful conversations and pitches in meetings.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 22, 2021

FactSet Fundamentals

Gain access to current, comprehensive, and comparative information on securities in worldwide developed and emerging markets. Composed of annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, and calculated ratios, FactSet Fundamentals provides you with the information you need for a global investment perspective. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 31, 2011

FactSet Fundamentals API

Gain access to current, comprehensive, and comparative information on securities in worldwide developed and emerging markets. Composed of annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, and calculated ratios, FactSet Fundamentals provides you with the information you need for a global investment perspective.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 13, 2019

FactSet Fundamentals Industry Metrics

FactSet Fundamentals Industry Metrics provides a rich, global data set of performance-driving metrics in airlines, retail, metals & mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, hotels & gaming, banks, REITS, homebuilding, and telecommunications.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 30, 2020

FactSet Fundamentals Report Builder

Access standardized income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow tables with row labels, fiscal period headers, and data in a single request. This API is tailor-made for application development so you can create your own financial statement visualization without needing to individually request, format, and manage the hundreds of line items that we collect.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 20, 2021

FactSet Geographic Revenue Exposure

FactSet Revere Geographic Revenue ("GeoRev") Exposure data provides a highly structured and normalized display of companies’ revenues by geography. Quickly understand a company’s revenue exposure in countries impacted by geopolitical, macroeconomic, and market risk. Understand the geographic footprint of a company based on sources of revenue versus country of domicile, and analyze global revenue exposures at the company, index, or portfolio level. Data Frequency: Annual; Update Frequency: Daily.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 20, 2021

FactSet Global Sanctions

Monitor the entities (companies and individuals) on U.S. and global economic sanctions lists with FactSet Global Sanctions. This data set monitors the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions lists and other restricted lists maintained by global authorities (e.g., Great Britain, United Nations, and European Union). Identified with FactSet symbology, the entities that appear on these lists are further analyzed to identify related entities as well as the connecting relationship.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 06, 2021

FactSet Hierarchy

Get a 360-degree view of a company's diverse businesses. Our unique multi-sector, variable-depth classification system groups companies with up to three times the depth found in conventional industry classification systems. When fully expanded, the Hierarchy has over 7,000 sector and product groups, providing the precision needed to understand companies in a multi-dimensional manner.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 31, 2017

FactSet Hierarchy with Revenue

Hierarchy with Revenue normalizes non-standardized business segment reports of over 49,000 public companies by mapping segment revenues to the granular sectors of FactSet Revere Hierarchy - a patented industry classification taxonomy comprised of over 7,000 niche sector nodes and up to 11 levels of depth. This produces a quantified, variable-depth sector participation tree representing each company’s most granular revenue breakdown in a form that can be compared across relevant peer groups.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 30, 2019

FactSet ID Lookup API

FactSet Identifier Lookup API exposes the service that powers the identifier search functionality in FactSet WorkStation and FactSet Web. Clients can leverage this API for their own identifier lookup to return tickers, entity names, and other identifiers that FactSet supports to answer their users' questions about FactSet symbology.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 15, 2019

FactSet Intraday Tick History API

Experience dynamic intraday access to consolidated, normalized tick history. Reduce the need for additional data analysis and find trades quicker and more efficiently by filtering based on trade condition. Request data as of a specific point in time to receive first trade, last trade, quote at time, or trades at time. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 200 global exchanges. Asset types integrated include equities, futures, options, warrants, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, indices, commodities, and FX rates. History for all trades with associated quotes is available for a rolling 12-month period, while options are available for a rolling 30-day period.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 19, 2019

FactSet Mergers

The FactSet Mergers data feed provides global merger and acquisition information for over 500,000 announced mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spin-offs involving both public and private companies. In addition to deal terms and details, this feed identifies participants, attitudes, and company details at the time of the announcement. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Daily.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 31, 2014

FactSet Named Entity Recognition (NER) on Snowflake

Text content such as news articles and websites contains a large amount of useful company and people information. To extract that information with minimal effort, leverage FactSet’s Named Entity Recognition (NER) service. Using Natural Language Processing and other AI techniques, NER easily finds company and people names in plain text or HTML content and matches those names with FactSet identifiers. Offered as an external function directly in your Snowflake, FactSet’s Named Entity Recognition (NER) service can seamlessly process text, streamlining entity detection and entity mapping. This allows you to link documents you write, edit, or collect with any other FactSet datasets that are linked to FactSet IDs, such as fundamentals or ownership

Added to Marketplace: Jul 22, 2021

FactSet OnDemand API

The FactSet OnDemand API enables users to access FactSet's wide range of financial data directly through our web service or through our software development kit (SDK). By consuming the FactSet OnDemand API through the web service, users enjoy the flexibility of retrieving data through custom built URLs with control over the output format, the type of HTTP method, and environment used to submit requests. With our SDK, the FactSet OnDemand API can integrate into several programming languages such as Python, VB, .NET, C#, C++, and Java through the Developer’s Toolkit. These integrations bring the data directly into the third-party application, frees the developer from the details of network connectivity tasks, and provides debugging tools.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 20, 2019

FactSet Options Reference Data

The FactSet Options Reference DataFeed provides access to a series of identifier, price, Greeks, and reference data items for a global universe of active options.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 01, 2019

FactSet Ownership

FactSet’s Ownership data provides institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information for equities and fixed income securities worldwide from company and institutional filings, investor reports, and press releases. Updated daily, this database provides 17+ years of history across 120 countries. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Daily.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 30, 2010

FactSet Ownership API

FactSet’s Ownership data provides institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information for equities and fixed income securities worldwide from company and institutional filings, investor reports, and press releases. Updated daily, this database provides 17+ years of history across 120 countries.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 13, 2019

FactSet People

Gain instant access to personal and professional information for individuals associated with over 1.3 million firms, including public and private companies and financial sponsors, as well as private equity firms and investment professionals. Active and historical employment, board positions and select job details are included. The FactSet People database is updated intraday.

Added to Marketplace: Nov 29, 2013

FactSet Prices & Returns API

Gain access to comprehensive global coverage for equity prices, returns, volume, shares, splits and dividends. Security types include Common Stock, ADR, GDR, Preferred, Closed-ended Fund, Exchange Traded Fund, Unit, Open-ended Fund, Exchange Traded Fund UVI, Exchange Traded Fund NAV, Preferred Equity, Non-Voting Depositary Receipt/Certificate, Alien/Foreign, Structured Product, and Temporary Instruments. Reference over 180,000+ active and inactive securities. Perform quick analytics by controlling the date ranges, currencies, and rolling periods, or simply request Open, High, Low, and Close prices. Easily connect pricing data with other core company data or alternative content sets using FactSet’s hub and spoke symbology.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 15, 2019

FactSet Private Company Financials

FactSet's Private Company Financials feed provides access to hard-to-find data in a fully connected ecosystem that allows users to tap into the power of private markets. Uncover key metrics and ratios from the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows to research companies to invest in, judge trends in the private markets space, or get a top-to-bottom view of an industry's players.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 20, 2021

FactSet Private Equity

The FactSet Private Equity feed contains comprehensive information on thousands of global private equity and venture capital firms. You can access information about a firm’s venture capital financing rounds, view in-depth company profiles and investment trends, analyze industry and geographic holdings, as well as discover potential investments and buys.

Added to Marketplace: Nov 30, 2012

FactSet Quantitative Research Environment (QRE)

The FactSet Quantitative Research Environment (QRE) is an open, programmatic environment in which users can analyze data and explore ideas, as well as create and automate workflows. As a hosted JupyterLab platform, users can leverage popular, open-source Python packages alongside integrated FactSet content and APIs. QRE can be used for anything from backtesting and data science experiments to portfolio construction and bespoke analytics workflows.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 03, 2021


Get a comprehensive structured taxonomy to classify companies by what they primarily do. FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS) delivers a granular view for investors by classifying companies using a bottom-up approach according to the products and services they provide. By combining this approach with a top-level grouping based on companies’ behavior similarities and stock co-movement, FactSet RBICS delivers unprecedented precision for 1,600+ sector groups.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 20, 2021


Get a comprehensive structured taxonomy to classify companies by what they primarily do. FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS) delivers a granular view for investors by classifying companies using a bottom-up approach according to the products and services they provide. By combining this approach with a top-level grouping based on companies’ behavior similarities and stock co-movement, FactSet RBICS delivers unprecedented precision for 1,400+ sector groups.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 12, 2019

FactSet RBICS with Revenue

RBICS with Revenue normalizes non-standardized business segment reports by mapping companies’ segment revenues to the granular sectors of FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS). This results in a quantified multi-sector participation tree for each company, enabling easy comparison, screening, and grouping across a universe of over 49,000 companies. The RBICS matrix structure consists of 12 anchor sectors, 6 levels of depth, and over 1,600 individual sector groups.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 13, 2018

FactSet RBICS with Tradenames

RBICS with Tradenames maps over 215,000 products, services and brands (a.k.a. Tradenames) to the granular sectors of the FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System taxonomy, resulting in a multi-sector participation map for each company. Whereas RBICS with Revenue offers quantified multi-sector exposure based on a company’s segment disclosures, RBICS with Tradenames provides a comprehensive view of sector participation at the product level.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 20, 2021

FactSet Reference Data - Fixed Income Terms & Conditions

FactSet Reference DataFeed - Fixed Income Terms & Conditions provides access to a series of fixed income terms & conditions data items, such as coupon details, redemption options, and convertible features, for corporate, government, and agency bonds based on a client-defined global universe.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 06, 2021

FactSet Shipping

Better understand the increasingly complex global supply chains of 400,000 companies with access to a normalized view of over 80 million shipments with FactSet Shipping. Use this data to conduct network analysis, uncover undisclosed business relationships, detect supply chain risks, and identify trends in shipping to predict a company’s sales volume. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Added to Marketplace: May 16, 2018

FactSet Signals API

FactSet Signals are actionable insights featuring relevant and timely data that help users make quicker and more informed investment decisions. These insights eliminate the need to spend significant time conducting research or sifting through company reports and filings, leaving more time for meaningful analysis. Receive alerts with signals and use these insights to stay on top of notable events, identify opportunities and risks, and analyze the health of a company.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 26, 2021

FactSet Solvency II

FactSet’s Solvency II solution provides asset managers and asset owners with a consolidated source of data and analytics to maintain compliance with the European Union’s Solvency II capital and quantitative reporting requirements, which regulate all insurance and reinsurance activity in the EU.

Added to Marketplace: Nov 06, 2018

FactSet Standardized Economics

Gain access to approximately 2,250 economic series that have been standardized by FactSet. Standardized economic data creates consistency across countries which allows for easy comparison of different economies. The series cover a universe of over 90 countries, 3 regions, and over 40 commonly used economic concepts.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 24, 2020

FactSet Streaming Exchange DataFeed

FactSet’s Streaming Exchange DataFeed provides cost-effective access to consolidated real-time and delayed global exchange data. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 200 global exchanges and across 150+ data fields. Asset types integrated include equities, futures, options, warrants, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, indices, commodities, and FX rates. The Streaming DataFeed is an object-oriented framework used to communicate with a FactSet data source. FactSet’s Proprietary SDK assists developers with all aspects of communication, request/message processing, and subscription management. The classes provided by the SDK simplify data access by providing asynchronous messages to application-defined callbacks.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 05, 2021

FactSet Supply Chain Relationships

FactSet Revere Supply Chain Relationships data is built to expose business relationship interconnections among companies globally. This feed provides access to the complex networks of companies' key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners, collected from annual filings, investor presentations, and press releases.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 09, 2021

FactSet Symbology API

FactSet’s Symbology API translates market identifiers into FactSet security identifiers.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 14, 2019

FactSet Terms & Conditions

FactSet Terms & Conditions provides access to a global database of corporate, government, and agency bonds with more than 200 fields that span coupon structure, redemption features, conversion details, and more. FactSet has built a sophisticated fixed income content collection operation throughout the past several years, as our bond analytics capabilities have set the pace for the industry. Now we are offering this expansive content set as a relational data feed in our Standard DataFeed framework to drive data science, research, application development, security master management, and other critical workflows.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 22, 2021

FactSet Tick History Solutions

Rely on a partner with decades of experience collecting and delivering exchange data solutions. FactSet’s Tick History Solutions provide cost-effective access to consolidated global tick history. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 250 global venues covering 18+ million instruments. Asset types integrated include equities, futures, options, warrants, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, indices, commodities, and FX rates. With the flexibility of accessing an entire exchange or a custom list of symbols, tick history can be delivered to your systems at scale.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 01, 2021

FactSet US Bank Regulatory Financials and Bank Branches

The FactSet US Bank Regulatory Financials database provides a more granular view into a bank than SEC filings, offering greater detail and accuracy. Both public and private banks in the US, including subsidiaries, are covered. All bank holding companies within the US that file forms Y-9C, Y-9SP, and Y-9LP are included. All bank institutions in the US that file FFIEC 031, 041, and 051 are covered. Data is presented largely on an "as-reported" basis, with subtotals added and some standardization and stitching performed to enhance usability. The FactSet US Regulatory Bank Branch database provides branch and deposit data for the US bank branches of all FDIC-insured institutions, including location, deposits, deposit growth, and market share.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 26, 2021

FactSet Views

FactSet Views delivers reports from the Workstation (ranging from News and Prices to Estimates and Ownership) that clients can embed into their websites, portals, and applications. The reports render in a dynamic fashion and offer supplementary functionality such as downloading and pop-ups to additional information.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 31, 2018

FactSet Workstation

The FactSet Workstation, available installed or fully web-based, seamlessly combines hundreds of data sources in one user-friendly research solution. Leverage sophisticated search technology to find information quickly and easily. Create customizable watch lists, alerts, models, and screens to gain actionable insight - anytime, anywhere. Rely on an industry-leading support team that is available 24/7 by phone, email, or IM.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 26, 2019

Formula API - Cross-Sectional

FactSet’s Formula API is a modern, flexible, formula-based API that enable users to access FactSet’s wide range of financial data and content. The API offers two endpoints, one for time-series analysis and one for cross-sectional analysis, providing users a simplified interface into FactSet’s expansive offering.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 05, 2021

Formula API - Time-Series

FactSet’s Formula API is a modern, flexible, formula-based API that enable users to access FactSet’s wide range of financial data and content. The API offers two endpoints, one for time-series analysis and one for cross-sectional analysis, providing users a simplified interface into FactSet’s expansive offering.

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Investment Dashboard

Offer a branded, intuitive, and customizable financial information and trading terminal for your retail customers. Give your users the ability to evaluate portfolios or individual securities using real-time quotes and global market data. In addition, provide them with the fully-integrated technical analysis tools, fundamental data, derived data, and performance figures they need to take their analysis and investment decisions to the next level.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 10, 2021

Managed Database Service (MDS)

FactSet's Managed Database Service (MDS) is the next iteration of its Data Exploration product, allowing users to connect directly to a Microsoft SQL Server database hosted in Microsoft Azure. This environment enables users to access all purchased or trialed Open:FactSet datafeeds without worrying about in-house infrastructure or procurement.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 01, 2019

Markets Portal

Reduce time to market with FactSet's out-of-the-box Markets Portal while offering your retail clients a personalized online market analysis platform. Leverage FactSet's comprehensive content offering, driving your systems with historical and real-time global market data such as news and stock quotes, as well as macro data on indices, currencies, commodities, and government bonds.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 10, 2021

News API for Digital Portals

The API provides ultra-low latency access to breaking finance news from over 80 distributors, covering more than 200 publishers. News search results and news article lists can be subscribed to receive streamed updates. All text data is UTF-8 encoded to support true global applications across various languages. The underlying platform can power even the most performance-demanding application environments in the Wealth space. It has been built for scale and easily serves solutions with millions of application users. FactSet’s Wealth APIs draw from almost 20 years of experience creating and using such interfaces in the digital space.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 01, 2019

Open:FactSet Marketplace API

Access FactSet’s comprehensive catalog of Data Feeds, APIs and Technology Solutions available on the Open:FactSet Marketplace. API endpoints enable you to retrieve product attributes, media files, documentation, categories and filters to seamlessly integrate and display content within your environment.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 09, 2020

Performance Measurement & Attribution

Sophisticated next generation portfolio analytics is paired with FactSet’s award-winning B-One performance and attribution solution to allow for highly accurate performance calculations and more frequent and timely reporting. Seamlessly distribute performance data across your entire organization, including front office personnel, marketing and sales specialists, and your executive team. FactSet’s flexible information delivery systems can support any type of market and portfolio data in multiple formats and languages with robust performance and attribution results, native Microsoft Excel integration, API support, and flexible browser portals that deliver results to internal and external clients.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 15, 2019

Portfolio Analytics

Measure performance, risk, style, and characteristics for multiple portfolios and asset classes with best-in-class, flexible reports and charts with our portfolio analytics. With faster reporting and automated calculations, go from data to decision first. FactSet’s full range of portfolio analytics combines all the data and flexibility you need to examine your portfolio across asset classes and strategies.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 09, 2019

Portware Enterprise

Portware is an advanced multi-asset Execution Management System (EMS) used by leading buy-side traders worldwide. Portware enables traders to analyze, communicate, and execute orders with diverse market participants and liquidity destinations through highly efficient, customized, and automated workflows.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 03, 2021

Quantitative Research

FactSet’s integrated tools for quantitative research take you from idea to construction and beyond. Create factors, understand and adjust for biases, simulate strategies, optimize portfolio exposures, and manage risk and performance with FactSet’s comprehensive quantitative research solutions. With unparalleled data and robust analytics, quantitative teams can discover, develop, and implement innovative strategies, without the burden of manual alignment or data maintenance.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 09, 2019

Quotes API for Digital Portals

The API supports over 20 different price types for each stock quote and comes with basic search endpoints based on security identifiers and instrument names. The underlying platform is able to power even the most performance-demanding application environments in the Wealth space. It has been built for scale and easily serves solutions with millions of application users. FactSet’s Wealth APIs draw from almost 20 years of experience in creating and using such interfaces in the digital space.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 01, 2019

Research Management Solutions (RMS)

FactSet's highly configurable and fully integrated investment research management tools ensure your research efforts grow alongside your business needs. Give your team the power to collaborate across disparate locations, ensure the security and continuity of your best ideas, and maintain the transparency necessary to comply with evolving regulatory regimes.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 29, 2019

Reveal and Reveal Plus - Cabot Investment Technology

Gain unparalleled insights into skills, investment processes, behavioral tendencies, portfolio construction, attribution, and contribution analysis. With the support of granular analysis and user-defined signals, overcome behavioral tendencies, quickly identify new stocks that fit your process, capture more alpha from adds and trims, harvest successful positions more effectively, and know how and when to implement a stop-loss.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 29, 2021

Risk Analytics

Fuel your decision-making and drive portfolio performance with FactSet’s flexible enterprise risk analytic solutions. Transform everyday analysis into valuable decision-drivers with robust, sophisticated risk analytics, premier models, and global multi-asset class data integrated across the portfolio lifecycle. Seamlessly connect your front, middle, and back office with our scalable risk analytics solution.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 09, 2019


StreetAccount is a premium real-time market intelligence news service that delivers comprehensive US, Canadian and European coverage (and expanding Asia coverage). All possible sources for corporate news are scanned and key story facts are highlighted and presented in an easy-to-read format.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 23, 2019

Time Series API for Digital Portals

The API covers more than 15 years of historic price information and supports over 20 different price types. The underlying platform is able to power even the most performance-demanding application environments in the Wealth space. It has been built for scale and easily serves solutions with millions of application users. FactSet’s Wealth APIs draw from almost 20 years of experience in creating and using such interfaces in the digital space.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 01, 2019

Truvalue Labs SASB Scores DataFeed

Short-term, long-term & momentum external stakeholder insight scores are generated for 26 ESG categories defined by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, along with an overall score and a volume score. The SASB Codified DataFeed has 26,000+ companies, constituents of major indices including the S&P 500, the Russell 1000 and 3000, and MSCI Emerging Markets and World. ESG Ranks are also available and provide expanded coverage for a universe of public & private firms, including companies which are infrequently discussed by third-party media sources. The scores can be used to systematically identify ESG industry leaders and laggards, and easily combine TVL SASB scores with proprietary or third-party data to produce composite scores

Added to Marketplace: Sep 17, 2021

Truvalue Labs SASB Spotlight DataFeed

Truvalue SASB Spotlight Events Data Service provides key information for all major positive and negative ESG events according to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) 26 categories for 26,000+ companies including: - Primary headline - Summary bullets - Event-based scores - Event-based volume

Added to Marketplace: Aug 25, 2021

Truvalue Labs SDG Scores DataFeed

SDG Scores DataFeed provides scores based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals based on a third-party stakeholder perspective for 26,000+ companies including: - Insight score - Pulse score - Volume score - Momentum score

Added to Marketplace: Aug 25, 2021

Truvalue Labs SDG Spotlight DataFeed

Data is mined from more than 100,000 sources to identify the most positive and negative significant events tied directly to 16 Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations, for 26,000+ companies. Each significant SDG related event comes with a complete set of metadata, including the headline, summary bullets, and Spotlight scores.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 25, 2021

Wealth Management Portal

Combine institutional-grade content and portfolio analytics with digital technology to provide your clients with an in-depth view of their portfolios. Leverage FactSet’s Wealth Management Portal to present a robust digital solution to your clients, even if you lack the digital expertise and budget to build an in-house platform.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 10, 2021

Widget Library

Accelerate in-house development projects and shorten time-to-market by integrating FactSet’s library of robust, standardized widgets in your online and mobile applications. Insert FactSet’s responsively designed widgets directly into your investment applications and websites to display market data from FactSet and other third-party providers. Create a custom digital experience for your firm while leveraging your existing environment, using either FactSet’s or your in-house development resources to deploy our ready-made modular widgets.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 10, 2021

Four Twenty Seven

Four Twenty Seven (, an affiliate of Moody’s, is a leading publisher and provider of data, market intelligence and analysis related to physical climate and environmental risks. Four Twenty Seven tackles physical risk head on with analytics that identify the exposure of any location in the world to climate change hazards such floods, sea level rise, hurricanes & typhoons, heat stress and water stress, which pose an immediate threat to investment and loan portfolios.

Company Climate Risk Scores

Four Twenty Seven’s forward-looking data analytics empower investors to identify and mitigate physical climate risk in their portfolios. Access physical climate risk scores for global companies, across both developed and emerging markets. A database of over 1 million corporate facilities around the world informs operations risk scores for over 2,000 companies, based on the precise locations of their underlying assets. View companies' exposures to floods, hurricanes & typhoons, sea level rise, heat stress, water stress and wildfires (forthcoming). Supply chain and market risk scores are available for 10,000 companies globally.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 08, 2019

REIT Climate Risk Scores

Four Twenty Seven, in partnership with GeoPhy, provides forward-looking climate risk scores for over 300 global listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) based on the exposure of their 73,000 underlying assets. Scores for floods, hurricanes & typhoons, sea level rise, heat stress, water stress and wildfires (forthcoming) inform REITs investors' risk assessment and portfolio construction processes by bringing transparency on the key exposures that increasingly drive returns.

Added to Marketplace: May 27, 2020

Genscape, Inc.

Genscape is a leading global provider of intraday data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets. The company is driven to improve market transparency and efficiency and delivers innovative insight across a number of industries, including oil, power, natural gas and LNG, agriculture, petrochemical and NGLs, maritime, and renewables.

Genscape's Equity Production Insights

Obtain access into companies’ oil and gas production levels to make more informed trading decisions when timing matters. Equity Production Insights leverages Genscape’s proprietary thermal and image monitoring capabilities to deliver highly accurate estimates for 30+ E&P companies and 20+ midstream companies in the energy sector. With a strong correlation to the company reported oil and gas production number, Genscape’s raw estimate provides valuable insight into these companies and the oil/gas industry. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Weekly

Added to Marketplace: Apr 10, 2018

Genscape's TESLA Insights

Using patented analytics, the TESLA Insights feed tracks and estimates daily Tesla battery production at the TESLA Gigafactory. It provides an up-to-date count of Model 3 battery deliveries from TESLA’s Gigafactory to their Fremont plant. Leverage this information along with finished TESLA vehicle counts leaving the Fremont plant, including Model 3, Model S, and Model X, to spot production trends before the company reports. Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Weekly

Added to Marketplace: Apr 10, 2018

Helios Life Enterprises, Inc.

Helios offers investors a new way to analyze meaning using the true metric of human nature: the voice. Research shows that the tone of voice accounts for 38% of human communication. Helios leverages advanced voice-processing, voice analytics and AI technology to extract and analyze information leaked from the voice that is not picked up by traditional text-based analysis. The Helios Comprehend product is a must-have for equity traders.

Helios Comprehend Voice Analytics

Helios Comprehend is the first widely available data product that can systematically assess affect in the voice of an executive during earnings conference calls to produce novel and meaningful sources of quantitative information. During earnings conference calls, executives exhibit specific voice-based affect signatures that represent their understanding of company fundamentals. Thus, the affect in their voice may or may not coincide with the specific words they are saying, particularly if the company is under stress. This difference in information can provide an unparalleled competitive advantage for investors who integrate Helios’s voice API into their investment strategy.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 27, 2020


International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. With more than 1,100 analysts worldwide, IDC offers global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries.

IDC Tracker Data Package

Access to 11 full IDC tracker historical and forecast data sets for the following products: Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Infrastructure Tracker (Servers and Storage) Worldwide Quarterly Ethernet Switch Tracker Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker Worldwide Quarterly Router Tracker Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker Worldwide Quarterly Wireless LAN Tracker Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Tracker Worldwide Semiannual Services Tracker Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker

Added to Marketplace: Jan 13, 2021


Founded in 2006 with a mission to help Socially Responsible Investors identify compliant instruments across different asset classes, IdealRatings Inc. has empowered capital markets stakeholders with unique screening solutions that offer insights of companies’ adherence to the Responsible Investment parameters. Headquartered in San Francisco and covering 40K+ companies globally, IdealRatings’s clients in 25+ countries have daily access to more than 10M data points.

IdealRatings ESG Data

IdealRatings’ proprietary ESG solution incorporates over 150 inputs to score the ESG performance of 34,000+ companies globally, including large, mid and small cap companies across developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 28, 2019

IHS Markit

IHS Markit delivers next-generation information, analytics, and solutions to help customers improve operational efficiency and gain deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit has more than 50,000 key business and government customers, including 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and the world’s leading financial institutions. Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol INFO and committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

Research Signals

Research Signals provides over 500 investment signals covering more than 30,000 securities in 80 countries, supporting security selection and strategy development. The trade and investment signals are extracted from a variety of data sources, including direct financial, technical, industry-specific, proprietary, and alternative data sources, and are designed to help asset managers expedite return generation goals. Research Signals analyst team focuses on discovering and testing factors that relate to traditional and specialty themes such as value, quality, momentum, short interest, ESG, and more.

Added to Marketplace: May 30, 2019 delivers comprehensive and intuitive tools for IP discovery, enabling efficient and unbiased investment decisions that add bottom-line value and drive innovation forward, faster.


InnovationQ is an intuitive intellectual property search solution. Streamline innovation discovery, find key prior art, and gain strategic competitive insights quickly and easily with a simple, user-friendly interface. Simply type in a patent number or invention idea and instantly get a comprehensive ranking of relevant results. Through’s proprietary combination of concept-based, common-language semantic search and enhanced Boolean search filters, InnovationQ helps clients accelerate patent ideation and monetization.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 25, 2019


ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., the world’s leading provider of environmental, social, and governance solutions for asset owners, asset managers, hedge funds, and asset servicing providers. ISS ESG solutions include corporate and country ESG research, climate data, analytics and advisory, governance data and screening and controversies. For more information, visit

ISS Director Data

ISS Director Data enables investors to uncover potential opportunities, identify investment risks and generate unique ideas through a deep dive of corporate director attributes. Our ESG data, research and solutions allow you to gain a complete picture of the Board responsible for management oversight with 150 board and director data points to evaluate board independence, skills, diversity, key committee positions, attendance, ownership, compensation, meeting attendance and more.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 24, 2019

ISS ESG Carbon & Climate Impact Data

The ISS ESG Carbon & Climate Impact data feed is a comprehensive solution incorporating Carbon Footprint data, Climate Impact & Scenario Alignment, a Carbon Risk Rating, robust Physical Risk and Energy & Extractives data. The feed covers companies’ scope 1 (direct) & scope 2 (indirect) GHG emissions and intensity, scope 3 (other indirect emissions), and transitional and physical climate risks for 25,000+ global companies. Physical risk quantifies the 5 most costly hazards. The Energy & Extractives data set contains 200+ factors, including revenue share, capacity, output and volume. Users can evaluate 23,000 issuers for detailed fossil fuel and power generation involvement to acquire a deeper climate risk understanding.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 09, 2020

ISS ESG Corporate Rating

The ISS ESG Corporate Rating provides a highly relevant, material, sector-specific and forward-looking assessment of a company’s environmental, social and governance performance. The methodology has been established and refined for more than 25 years to deliver high-quality and in-depth research on public and private companies' sustainability performances. The Prime Status label is awarded to companies that meet specific minimum standards in successfully managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities and achieve the best ESG scores among their sector peers.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 27, 2021

ISS ESG Country Rating

The ESG Country Rating solution provides a highly relevant and material assessment of a country’s sustainability performance. The data covers all global institutional debt issued across EU, OECD and BRICS countries as well as other important sovereign issuers from Asia, Africa and South America. A subset of ESG Ratings data is available for an additional 320 governments and municipalities. The comprehensive rating follows a profound methodology, reflecting global best practices as well as normative considerations, and includes an analyst opinion to summarize the key issues most material to the specific entity.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 16, 2021

ISS ESG Cyber Risk Score

The ISS ESG Cyber Risk Score solution delivers actionable information investors need to understand cyber breach risk exposure across investment portfolios, while monitoring the security risks of third-party/supply chain relationships identified within their investments. The ISS Cyber Risk Score provides stable, long-term indicators of network security risks based on a diverse set of inputs, global cybersecurity threats and proprietary analytical methods, helping investors understand cyber risk behaviors and resiliency actions performed at an individual investment and portfolio level.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 03, 2021

ISS ESG Environmental & Social Disclosure QualityScore

Environmental & Social Disclosure QualityScore is a data-driven scoring and screening solution designed to measure and identify areas of environmental and social risk through company disclosure. The methodology focuses on material aspects of disclosure practices, including global disclosure standards and key industry initiatives, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Added to Marketplace: Aug 30, 2019

ISS ESG Fund Rating

The ISS ESG Fund Rating provides investors with the data and analysis needed to understand the environmental, social, and governance performance of funds, as well as performance relative to peers. With access to over 1,000 data factors, investors can easily perform in-depth screening and analysis on fund performance based on metrics included in the report, as well as additional factors that are available on the platform. The key fund rating results are mainly derived from the pioneering ISS ESG Corporate and Country Ratings, which provide financially material and holistic sustainability signals on current and future sustainability performance.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 16, 2021

ISS ESG Governance QualityScore

The ISS ESG Governance QualityScore is an objective, point-in-time, data-driven tool that helps investment professionals measure and identify areas of corporate risk in Board Structure, Compensation programs, Shareholder Rights, and Audit & Risk Oversight. Company-level scores provide an indication of relative governance quality based on an evaluation of approximately 100 of 230 total factors that are most relevant to a given country or region.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 30, 2019

ISS ESG Norm-Based Research

ISS ESG Norm-Based Research identifies situations in which companies fail to prevent or address, social or environmental controversies in line with established expectations for Responsible Business Conduct. Discover the most critical environmental and social risks for a given company in the key areas of Human Rights, Labour Rights, Environmental Protection, and Anti-Corruption, as defined by the UN Global Compact. Individual assessments are aggregated into an overall assessment and score to easily identify companies with significant concerns.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 22, 2019


Economic Value Added (EVA) is an established standard in measuring, analyzing, projecting, and valuing a firm’s underlying economic profit. We convert accounting profit to economic profit by correcting for accounting distortions that exist within as-reported financial statements. With coverage of over 21,000 public companies and data history over two decades, EVA allows investors to parse through thousands of companies globally with comparable accounting adjustments to drive informed investment decision making on a systematic basis.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 19, 2021

ISS Executive Compensation Data

Leverage comprehensive executive compensation data for CEO and NEO (named executive officer), including salary, bonus, stock-based incentive awards, option grants, non-equity incentive plan payouts, deferred compensation payouts, and other components of total compensation. Access more than 100 compensation factors for 9,000 companies globally. Detailed pay data is available on 32,000 executives in U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, and Australia.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 19, 2019

ISS Voting Analytics

Identify trends and gain actionable insights with ISS Voting Analytics’ comprehensive database of global proxy voting agendas and meeting results. Spot voting patterns across regions or industries, research potential proposal vote outcomes, and aggregate voting statistics. Cross reference the ISS benchmark proxy vote recommendation with shareholder support to predict future outcomes.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 24, 2019

SDG Impact Solutions

Effective impact investment strategies are needed to align investments with the UN SDG requirements. Obstruction to achieving the UN SDG objectives should be minimized and the resulting economic opportunities out of positive alignment can be seized. By measuring the impact, investments can actively support the transformation processes required to achieve these goals. The ISS ESG SDG Impact Solutions are ideal to measure and report on portfolio alignment to the SDGs and develop investment solutions based on specific themes such as biodiversity, climate, gender equality and health.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 19, 2019

Kainoa Group

Kainoa Group works with strategic data partners globally to make unique datasets available to hedge funds and asset managers. These partners generate data assets which are of value to investors but not necessarily sufficiently structured. Kainoa transforms these datasets into structures that are easily ingested by their clients.

Minkabu Japanese Retail Predictions

Gain access to a structured Japanese retail trend dataset containing price predictions for Japanese equities issued by a large and diverse community of Japanese retail investors. Predictions include price target, price target timeframe, reason for prediction and additional attributes.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 01, 2019


Kavout is a global investment technology company committed to empowering institutions and investors to find alpha, generate wealth and do more with less. The company specializes in the application of machine learning technologies to develop single, multi, and ensembled factors and signals from big data. Combining a world-class team of researchers, data scientists, and machine learning experts, Kavout creates data feed products and services to help investment managers make better decisions.

K Score China A-Shares Stocks

The K Score China A-Shares data feed covers CSI 300, CSI 500 and CSI 800 component stocks. Scores are calculated daily and available to clients on the same trading day a few hours after the market closes. The K Score equity rating investment model is delivered as an integer with possible values ranging from 1-to-9.

Added to Marketplace: Jun 14, 2019

K Score-Dynamic Alpha Signal by Machine Learning - US Equities

Predictive equity rating from 1-9 for few weeks to 2-3 months in the future with incorporation of dynamic factor shifting. The development of K Scores takes in fundamental information, pricing and trading volumes, technical signals, and alternative data such as sentiment, and apply the best-of-breed proprietary learning algorithms, and uses methods such as regression, classification, model selection, ranking algorithms, deep learning and more to rank stocks. Our intelligent system identifies the intrinsic relationships, uncovers the dependency structure and calculates predictive analytics for future performance.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 25, 2019

Kuberre Systems, Inc.

Kuberre Systems, Inc. is a Data Management & Analytics company that provides EDM software and EDM derived, fully managed solutions to some of the most reputable asset managers in the world. Kuberre EDM is built on a set of pre-cast components that enable clients to find their perfect balance between a buy and build solution. For clients who would like to outsource data management responsibilities, Kuberre offers EDM derived solutions such as QTPy, Security Master and an Investment Data Platform.

Kuberre EDM

Kuberre's cloud-based hosted Enterprise Data Management (EDM) service uses high-quality resources such as AWS or Azure. Kuberre takes responsibility for all aspects of their clients' EDM requirements, including normalizing and combining internal and external data, maintaining and provisioning data to applications and processes, and providing full technical support. Benefits of the service include scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, high performance, and cost effectiveness.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 06, 2019

Quantitative Techniques in Python (QTPy)

Built on Kuberre EDM and Python as the core development environments, Kuberre’s Quantitative Techniques in Python (QTPy) is a comprehensive PaaS technology solution designed for Data Science and Quantitative projects. QTPy offloads the enterprise data management burden to Kuberre while seamlessly providing massively scalable access to underlying data through fully associated Python objects. Clients using this service can start building compelling data science projects in just a couple of weeks.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 06, 2019

Libra Investment Services

Established in 2010, Libra is an award-winning London based FCA regulated advisory firm that runs a systematic equity valuation product. Based on their proprietary Apollo methodology that was first developed in 2004, their Smart Alpha solution offers a comprehensive dataset of daily stock level signals and indicators for global stocks. Libra provides both bespoke research content and customised data products to help institutional clients create a more effective investment process.

Libra Apollo - the Smart Alpha Solution

Apollo is an asset pricing model that incorporates implied cost of capital to determine both the return opportunity and the risk of loss for over 6700 stocks worldwide. Updated daily, the asset pricing model dataset stretches back to 2000 and provides users with both estimated future cash-flows and the rate at which they’re being discounted. Factors such as style, rating, value, volatility, growth and potential alpha are used to create a proprietary stock level indicator. The dataset can also be used to create aggregate indicators at the portfolio, sector or market level.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 29, 2019


LinkUp is the global leader in delivering accurate, real-time, and predictive job market data and analytics. Through proprietary technology, LinkUp indexes millions of job listings directly from employer websites daily. From this unique and predictive jobs dataset, LinkUp provides valuable insights into the global labor market and helps investors generate alpha at the macro, sector, geographic, and individual company level.

LinkUp Raw

LinkUp Raw contains the most complete set of LinkUp’s job market data, dating back to 2007. The job listings dataset includes full job postings sourced directly from employer websites as well as related statistics and analysis of the job postings. Delivered daily, LinkUp Raw consists of 3 distinct components: individual job records, core analytics, and company reference data. LinkUp’s dataset includes over 20 unique job and company level attributes and identifiers, such as, job title, job URL, company name, location, occupation code, sector code, ticker, reference data, and more.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 31, 2019


Liquidnet is a technology-driven, global institutional investment network that intelligently connects the world’s investors to the world’s investments. Since our founding in 1999, our network has grown to include more than 1,000 institutional investors that collectively manage $33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets.

Management CV

Management CV is a pioneer in applying statistical science to assess relative management quality at public companies. Their structured methodology calculates statistically significant rankings to help equity and debt investors determine the relative risk and operating ability associated with company executives. Fiduciaries rely on Management CV’s system to ensure that they are properly, and factually, aware of the background and incentive alignments of the management teams in their portfolios.

Executive Team & CEO Quality Ranks

The Team Quality Ranks score executive teams on a double relative basis versus similar size, similar industry peers. Separate ranks are calculated for individual CEOs and for 5-person executive teams. Scores are based on three factor baskets: operating traction, pay & incentive alignment, and fiduciary risk factors. Bottom quintile teams consistently underperform both their industry peers and broader indexes on price returns, ROA, ROIC, and ROE. Fiduciary risk factors are available as a monthly time series, executive changes are available weekly, and ranks are updated daily.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 12, 2019


Matrix Data Management

Matrix IDM

Matrix IDM software simplifies the data management of the complex, multi-level investment and product structures that underpin retirement savings, insurance and asset management businesses. The platform empowers firms to understand everything from the true nature of the exposures within funds to the indirect fees borne by investors and the impact of investment re-structuring decisions. Unrivalled data management expertise together with proven software developers, underpinned by a 24/7 global customer support capability is what sets us apart from the competition.

Added to Marketplace: May 10, 2021

Mill Street Research

Mill Street Research is a boutique consulting and research company focused on providing high quality, independent Global Portfolio Strategy research to their clients. The firm provides proprietary quantitative data and rankings as well as tools and commentary to help institutional investors make better asset allocation and stock selection decisions. Mill Street also offers customized work and special research projects for clients.

MAER Stock Ranking Model

MAER, the Monitor of Analysts' Earnings Revisions, is a proprietary multi-factor equity ranking model. Updated monthly, it incorporates trends in analyst estimate revisions, price action and valuation to rank stocks globally with an intermediate-term (1-3 month) forecasting horizon.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 30, 2020

MT Newswires

With a history of serving the largest and most recognized market data, research and trading applications around the world, MT Newswires is a recognized leader in original and unbiased business and financial news. The Company’s expanding global network of financial journalists and economists produce a leading, multi-asset class news service with over 115 categories of market moving, original and noise free news, serving a broad range of financial services firms and capital markets participants.

Live Briefs PRO Global Markets

Live Briefs Pro Global Markets is a comprehensive premium news service providing complete, up-to-the-minute multi-asset class coverage of North American, European and APAC financial markets and economies.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 01, 2019


NeoXam is a global organization that focuses on providing enterprise wide software solutions that serve the needs of both asset-management and sell-side participants. Our solutions automate complex workflow processes for our clients by streamlining operations, reducing risk and improving overall data quality.

NeoXam DataHub

NeoXam DataHub provides a comprehensive and customizable software solution for centralized data management. The platform allows clients to consolidate, cleanse, enrich and distribute information from both internal and external sources to address use cases around regulations, firm exposure, investment data, risk and more. The transparency and confidence that clients gain from leveraging NoaXam DataHub allows them to improve decision making and scale their business more effectively.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 18, 2019

News Quantified

News Quantified provides actionable, alpha-generating intelligence and risk management solutions. Breaking news headlines from major U.S. News sources and regulatory filings are continuously analyzed in real-time and integrated with corresponding market data to better understand and predict stock price movement. By leveraging over ten years of historical data and millions of news items, News Quantified tears down the wall between news headlines and market data.

News Quantified Analytics

News Quantified Analytics covers all scheduled and surprise news events, earnings reports, analyst actions, mergers & acquisitions, new product launches, officer changes, SEC filings, legal cases or settlements, regulatory actions and market rumors. Their Analytics Data Feed offers over 100 customizable metrics, such as predicted direction and market impact, to provide deeper insights that help enhance returns and reduce risk.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 08, 2019

Optimum Complexity

Created in 2016, Optimum is the first company to measure complexity based on a proven model-free approach and to launch complexity-based investment strategies. Optimum uses proprietary technology and Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT), a model-free measure of correlation created by company Co-founder & CTO Dr. Jacek Marcyk, to trade investment portfolios. Optimum also offers risk management advisory services to financial companies.

Balance Sheet Complexity

Evaluate the complexity of portfolio companies based on Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT). Using at least 12 quarters of company data, Optimum calculates the current complexity and a complexity interval. The upper bound (critical complexity) is the level of complexity above which the company becomes unmanageable, as too much entropy can arise from the Balance Sheet. The lower bound (minimum complexity) is the minimum level of complexity created by the company. Balance sheet items are also ranked according to their contribution to the overall company complexity. Items at the top are the main drivers of complexity and should be addressed by the executive management to reduce the complexity (and increase the manageability) of the company.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 15, 2019

Index Complexity Profile

Evaluate the complexity of an index based on Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT). Complexity is a fundamental physical property of any system, defined as a function of the structure of information flow and entropy. Optimum’s proprietary algorithm extracts all linear and non-linear relationships between the components of a system. It requires no models and accounts for the nonlinearities and dispersion of data using entropy concepts, not standard deviations. Applied to an equity index, the algorithm output is the complexity contribution of each stock [components] to the overall complexity of the Equity Index [system]. The stocks are then ranked from highest to lowest complexity contribution and gathered in the Index Complexity Profile.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 15, 2019

Macro Indicator: Early Warning & Crisis Prediction

Evaluate the complexity of a country or region’s financial stability based on Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT). Complexity analysis of macroeconomic indicators offers an efficient early warning signal as it produces sharp spikes prior to major market drops. Optimum has measured the complexity evolution of a pool of 30 region-specific macro indicators for the last 20 years and verified that prior to every major market drawdown there have been sharp complexity increases. Conventional methods are unable to identify such precursors.

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Orbit Financial Technology Limited

Orbit is an innovator in text analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) computing for the financial industry. We provide a centralized platform for you to manage your unstructured data and extract insight for your business cases.

China A-Shares Transcripts

Orbit’s China A-Shares Transcripts data feed covers full universe of over 3,500 companies since 2018. Enhancements are underway to add five or more years of history. Content covers below 3 types, both in Chinese and English 1)Earning Call Transcripts 2)Public disclosures on broker onsite research 3)Executive official responses on online platforms

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Owler is the world’s largest community-based business information and insights platform. Owler helps sales teams outsmart their competition with actionable insights and real-time alerts about the companies that matter to their pipeline. Launched in 2014, and funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures, Owler is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Spokane, WA, and Coimbatore, India.

Owler Private & Public Company Data

Owler’s unique community-powered business datasets provide dynamic, real-time intelligence on all of your company’s competitors, partners, customers, and prospects. Owler’s data is curated from an active member community of over 3.5M business professionals who share exclusive insights about the companies they work for and work with. Continually updated through Owler’s member community, enhanced with AI and machine learning techniques, and human-verified by Owler’s data science team, Owler’s business datasets are the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date source of business information available.

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By using Natural Language Processing on news and texts from over 3 million sources varying from open newssources to industry newsletters and official publications. By supporting 12 languages we cover 80% of all news content globally. With its proprietary AI & NLP engine, Owlin creates forward-looking signals and insights in portfolios which enable asset managers and banks to get a better and more timely risk assessment on clients, counterparties, and investments.


Ozmosi is a consulting and data services company.

BEAM Biotech & Pharm Company R&D Data

Access over 100,000 biotech and pharmaceutical company R&D records sourced directly from the US clinical registry, augmented with Ozmosi's proprietary libraries and proven pharmaceutical industry expertise. The company universe includes 6,000+ companies with over 1,600 public companies mapped to ticker symbols. Utilize more than 10,000 product names across 4,400+ disease areas over the course of 20 years, including all point-in-time versions, to unlock the R&D landscape and drive predictions.

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Ping An Group ESG

OneConnect is a technology-as-a-service platform for financial institutions, listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2019, providing technology applications and technology-enabled business services to multiple verticals in the financial services industry. OneConnect is an associate of Ping An Group, leveraging Ping An Group’s extensive experience in financial services and accurately addresses the needs of different financial institutions.

China ESG Data

CN-ESG evaluation framework incorporates both domestic and international disclosure standards and key frameworks to meet sophisticated investors’ demands. It addresses core ESG rating issues for Chinese companies with a robust four-dimension framework of environmental E, social S, governance G and business B. It includes 19 themes, 110 secondary indicators, 350 data points, and 40 industry indicators to measure ESG risks and opportunities with real time adjustment based on public news and sentiment.

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PrivCo is a leading financial data and services company tracking more than 400,000+ private US companies with $1M or more in annual revenue. Its proprietary discovery platform delivers the most qualitative, up-to-date information and insights giving more than 100,000 users the tools they need to target the right investments and make the right decisions at the right time. PrivCo software seamlessly integrates with your daily workflow across your portfolio life cycle.

U.S. Private Company Financials and Intelligence

Accelerate your research and discovery efforts with actionable financial data and insights on the U.S. private markets. Discover new targets in your preferred universe without hours of searching, and without being limited to only those companies with funding or deal histories. Drill down on companies, using highly accurate, timely, and robust U.S. private company financials. Identify prospects and acquisition targets, source deals and comps, gain competitive intel, and research the private market landscape.

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Prosper Insights & Analytics

Prosper is a global leader in "consumer intent" data serving the financial services, marketing technology, and retail industries. By providing authoritative global market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics, Prosper helps clients make impactful tactical decisions. Their predictive insights help optimize business development strategy and ultimately drive accretive balance sheet performance.

US Monthly Consumer Survey Data

Track how consumers are feeling about the economy, shopping behavior, future purchase intentions, and more with this unique consumer survey datafeed. Based on responses from roughly 7,500 US adults each month and over 18 years of monthly history, the data is an excellent training dataset for Machine Learning initiatives and forecasting applications. Prosper’s data is anonymous and 100% Privacy Compliant. No PII is used and data is HIPAA and CCPA Compliant. New questions on the Covid-19 Economic Crisis are now included.

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Quant IP

Quant IP uses smart algorithms and AI-powered software to gain insights from both patent data and financial metrics. By leveraging domain knowledge and incorporating other data sources Quant IP creates business intelligence for asset management, venture capital, private equity, M&A, consulting, and corporate clients.

Patent and Innovation Metrics

Quant IP’s Patent and Innovation Metrics data feed provides access to point in time patent data, including the number of patent applications per company, the number of granted patents per company, and the Quant IP Innovation Score per company. The Quant IP Innovation score is an aggregated indicator for consistency, quality and efficiency of a company's innovation process, making it possible to rank listed companies according to their innovation power and build portfolios to outperform regular equity indices.

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REalyse (pronounced 'realise') is a technology company that helps real estate professionals stay ahead of the market. We provide enterprise companies with smart technology, real estate expertise, and independently sourced data such as prices, rents, yields, demographics, market activity, economics, debt and all things in between.

UK Residential Property Insights

Gain access to over 550 UK residential datasets offering over 26B data points with history to 1995.* Create a macro or micro view of the market with the ability to analyse data at the Council or Postcode level. *History varies by type of dataset.

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RepRisk, a global leader and pioneer in data science, specializes in premium ESG and business conduct risk research and quantitative solutions.They leverage artificial intelligence and curated human analysis to translate big data into actionable business intelligence and risk metrics.Leading organizations around the world rely on RepRisk as their key due diligence solution to prevent and mitigate ESG and business conduct risks related to their operations, business relationships, and investments.

RepRisk ESG Business Intelligence

RepRisk’s proprietary risk metrics and analytics systematically flag and monitor ESG and business conduct risks, as well as potential company-specific violations of internal policies and/or international standards. RepRisk’s risk metric data feeds offer a comprehensive solution for risk management and compliance. The dataset offers full coverage of any market universe including emerging and frontier market as well as private equity. Historical data is available with consistent methodology since 2007. An issues- and event-driven methodology provides daily-updated risk information based on over 100,000 public sources and stakeholders screened and analyzed in 20 languages. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Daily.

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RoyaltyStat® is a first-to-market privately held limited liability US company offering a well-recognized branded databases of royalty rates extracted from license agreements. Content and software development began in 1996 and launched online 1999. Their proprietary royalty rates are used worldwide for corporate income tax transfer pricing compliance and for intangible assets valuation. RoyaltyStat is trusted by government agencies, corporations, and accounting, consulting and law firms.


RoyaltyStat® is the best-in-class, most up-to-date, and reliable source of royalty rates extracted from license agreements. RoyaltyStat’s royalty rates are used in transfer pricing, assets purchase price allocation (PPA), reasonable royalty infringement damages, and due diligence connected with tax and intellectual property litigation, business development connected with the acquisition or licensing of intellectual property, bankruptcy, and mergers and acquisitions.

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RS Metrics

RS Metrics is a leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial analytics for businesses and investors. Its proprietary, patented technology leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning to extract meaningful and ready-to-use data from a variety of location-based sources, providing predictive analytics, alerts, and end-user applications for decision making in financial services, real estate, retail, industrials, metals, government, and academic research.

RS Metrics ESGSignals®

ESG metrics derived from satellite analytics that monitor, measure, and create objective benchmarks for environmental impact by asset location. Metrics are aligned with UN SDG and based on materiality by industry defined by the commonly accepted SASB Framework. Commonly tracked physical risk metrics for each location include Emissions, Land Usage, Water Stress, Fire Risk, and Renewable Energy Usage.

Added to Marketplace: Aug 10, 2021

RS Metrics MetalSignals

MetalSignals provides satellite-imagery based data, trends, and analysis for global refined metals such as Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, and Steel production, based on changes in daily, weekly, and monthly growth in metal concentrate and finished product stored outside at hundreds of individual smelters and storage facilities. MetalSignals provides global coverage across six continents and includes major countries such as China, Chile, Russia, USA, Australia, and more.

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S3 Partners

Founded in 2003, S3 Partners is a privately-owned global financial technology and data company, headquartered in New York. Clients leverage our enterprise software, data, apps, and analytics to achieve better outcomes in their investment processes, risk management, counterparty relationships, and investor relations. S3's purpose is to deliver data integrity and technology that powers your market perception and business intelligence so you can act with agility, on your own terms.

Short Interest and Securities Finance Data

S3’s Short Interest and Securities Finance data provide the necessary tools to view how Short Interest, Financing Rates, and crowded trades affect price action. Clients rely on this unique dataset for accurate Short Interest analytics and to identify crowded long and short trades. S3’s data provides transparency to the true spread of the borrow / loan market, with the only independent and unbiased bid, offer, and last rates for Securities Finance.

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Sentifi uses AI, big data and collective intelligence to listen to and categorise over 14 million qualified financial influencers. That’s how institutional and private investors gain unique insights on over 50 thousand traded companies, currencies, commodities, and the events that impact them. Our customers use this insight to make better investment decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Sentifi Company Intelligence Analytics

Sentifi's company intelligence analytics makes sense of real-time events reported in social media, news, and blog on 50,000+ stocks, tracking 45,000+ events reported by 15m+ influencers scored for their level of knowledge around a particular asset. Companies intelligence analytics provides a granular view on the significance of market-moving events as they occur (e.g. does the event make the stock an outlier in the industry or sector? is the sentiment from the broader moving shifting unusually ahead of an earnings announcement, are specific influencer groups shifting their sentiment towards a stock with the potential to impact the asset valuation?)

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Sentifi Markets Intelligence Analytics

Sentifi's markets intelligence analytics surface macro events being discussed in social media, news and blogs from the 15m+ influencers Sentifi is tracking and the sectors, industries, regions, assets that are impacted by those events. Markets intelligence analytics surfaces sentiment shifts on currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities and indices. Sentifi's markets intelligence analytics additionally enable the setup of custom sentiment benchmarks to test/ validate an investment strategy and compare this to standard benchmarks.

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We specialise in tracking activist campaigning globally, to identify trends and emerging issues, and quantify activist attitudes to companies and brands. We provide clients with a comprehensive and objective understanding of how their reputations are being affected by activists, alert them to future problems in public confidence, and provide early data on concerns affecting suppliers, customers and investments. Clients are typically sector-leading multinationals and financial institutions.

SIGWATCH : Global NGO signals - ESG & Reputational

SIGWATCH data is used by investors and corporations to track NGO activity. NGO signal campaigns have far reaching impact, driving changes in government policy and consumer spending habits. Meantime activism focused on individual corporations, can impact profitability and changes in future business strategy. Hence, NGO signals provide: - Early discovery of NGO campaigns that shape future government and consumer behaviour - Early notice of sector and corporate behaviours that will either grow or erode shareholder value. About this product SIGWATCH data is tailored to your needs, covering corporations and sectors in a live, daily data feed. Historic data can also be purchased by year. SIGWATCH also provides this data in a desktop service.

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SIX has been supporting global institutions through its financial infrastructure services for over 80 years. Uniquely positioned at the center of a complex data ecosystem, SIX provides reference and pricing data of high quality, accuracy and consistency. Clients are empowered to handle the growing volume and complexity of their environment, with automation of front and back office operations and a securities database that, like the data ecosystem itself, is always expanding and updating.

Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service

SIX’s Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service (SSMS) datafeed provides an easy-to-digest daily list of issuers and securities linked to the domiciles, companies and individuals sanctioned by the UN, EU, US OFAC, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and the Hong Kong Sanctions Regime. The securities monitoring service list eliminates the need to source, scrub and map data while minimizing the risk of large fines and reputational damage, all supported by award-winning reference data. As the global landscape evolves, SIX continues to innovate its SSMS offering to ensure that market participants are able to adjust seamlessly to new rules, reduce costs and focus on value-add business activities.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 30, 2019

Smart Insider

Smart Insider has been analyzing insider transaction data since the 1980’s, covering more markets and offering deeper native history than any other provider. Elements of our proven stock ranking and consulting service for desktop users have been incorporated into our transaction quant feed to give deeper insight into the trades that matter. Our unique production methods deploy proprietary software and trained analysts to produce the most timely, comprehensive and accurate data available.

Global Insider Transaction Data

Smart Insider offers a daily update containing share transactions by company directors and senior management. Monitoring over 60,000 companies across 60 countries, coverage includes all listed stocks in markets where Insider transactions are reported. With around three million transaction records growing by 1,000 per day, Smart Insider’s global insider transaction database dates back to the mid 1990’s in some markets. Each transaction has been scrutinized by Smart Insider production analysts to ensure consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. Use Smart Insider data to make sense of daily trades, test hypotheses and build algorithms.

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Thousands of customers deploy the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform to derive all the insights from all their data by all their business users. Snowflake equips organizations with a single, integrated platform that offers the only data warehouse built for any cloud; instant, secure, and governed access to their entire network of data; and a core architecture to enable many other types of data workloads, such as developing modern data applications.

Snowflake Data Marketplace

The Snowflake Data Exchange enables companies to easily source external data and combine it with their own internal datasets for better analytics and faster decision-making. Reduce query times from hours to seconds and enable secure collaboration across all data for all your business users, and your extended business ecosystem. Snowflake’s unique architecture simplifies the data pipeline and eliminates complexity, enabling every organization to be data-driven.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 09, 2020

Social Market Analytics, Inc.

Social Market Analytics, Inc. (SMA) was founded in early 2012 to create predictive quantitative signals from unstructured data. SMA's patented process develops proprietary metrics using a unique approach that filters social media and textual data. SMA extracts detailed information from sources around the world using algorithms that rely on machine learning and natural language processing.

Social Market Analytics, Inc. (SMA) S-Factor Sentiment

Social Market Analytics (SMA) S-Factor metrics provide quantitative measures of the intentions of professional investors as expressed on Twitter. SMA's metrics provide raw sentiment as well as a measure of sentiment on the security level relative to its history. Historical back-testing, independent research, and customer feedback support the fact that SMA insights are tradable and can deliver alpha. The SMA Sentiment Data Feed represents a new uncorrelated source of predictive information that can add value to predictive models.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 26, 2020

Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) is a global organization designed to study sovereign wealth funds, pensions, endowments, superannuation funds, central banks and other long-term institutional investors in the areas of investing, asset allocation, risk, governance, economics, policy, trade, and other relevant issues. SWFI facilitates sovereign fund, pension, endowment, superannuation fund, and central bank events around the world.

SWFI Global Assets Data

The SWFI General Data Feed provides financial data, KYC-related content, standardized asset allocation data, strategy information, ownership data, relationship data, and holdings data for sovereign wealth funds, pensions, endowments, banks, insurers, family offices, and other entities. Detailed transaction data, including open market, fund commitment, and other deals data, as well as SWFI’s asset owner people database, investor news and briefings data, and access to Compass, SWFI’s proprietary investor RFP and business lead dataset is also available.

Added to Marketplace: Apr 24, 2020

State Street Associates

State Street Associates® empowers investors to uncover alpha opportunities, manage risk and formulate strategies. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts - a global center for technology and innovation - State Street Associates®, combines differentiated datasets with innovative thinking from some of the foremost academic institutions in the world.

State Street MediaStats and Media Linkages

In partnership with MKT MediaStats LLC, State Street MediaStats quantifies content from over 100,000 digital media sources to analyze the potential impact of media chatter on US equities’ price fluctuations. Media Linkages gauge the size, strength and significance of dynamic inter-company relationships based on co-mentions in media.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 22, 2020


German-based StockPulse, founded in 2011, is a pioneer of sentiment data analytics for financial markets. The company's fully automated systems condense several million datasets from social media channels into meaningful and actionable data. StockPulse analysis is based on years of research that has been tested and confirmed in several academic studies. Pulse Picks, a key StockPulse product, provide at least 30 trend signals per trading day for individual stocks, indices, and currency pairs.

PulsePicks Trading Signals

GERMAN AI ENHANCES ALPHA PERFORMANCE Leverage StockPulse’s robust AI engine to uncover PulsePicks trading signals based on sentiment data from social media sources, blogs, chats, and forums. Various metrics such as intensity (buzz), sentiment, and key topics are combined and optimized using algorithms that continuously analyze large historical datasets to detect patterns that can be translated into equity-level signals.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 08, 2019

Stocksnips Inc

StockSnips crawls, aggregates and analyzes news related to public companies listed on Nasdaq and NYSE. Using Big Text Analytics and Machine Learning, StockSnips AI platform transforms unstructured textual data into quantified real-time news sentiment data that can be used to predict stock returns. By sifting through and summarizing millions of SEC filings and news publications, StockSnips efficiently and affordably delivers concise and unbiased financial sentiment to investors.

Stocksnips News Sentiment V3

Stocksnips News Sentiment V3 leverages an AI platform that analyzes multiple news sources to create a quantified news sentiment signal for US Equities. Stocksnips news sentiment is a proprietary signal generated from the count of positive and negative snippets extracted from news articles. The Sentiment score incorporates an attenuation model that accounts for source and decay of news and is expressed as a % positive as well as a sentiment trend indicator value ranging from -100 to +100. Stocksnips News Sentiment has generated significant alpha when blended with other factors like growth, value and business momentum and has been validated by third party firms and researchers.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 12, 2020

TVEyes, Inc.

A global provider of fully disambiguated, enriched and tagged broadcast data. Our extensive capture network offers coverage of more than 2,600+ stations globally, including in all 210 Designated Market Areas (DMA) in the U.S, with history commencing from December 2012.

TVEyes Global Broadcast Text Feed with Sentiment

THERE IS OPPORTUNITY AND ALPHA EMBEDDED IN LANGUAGE Content is collected from cable providers, satellite, streaming or terrestrial broadcast. Multiple global capture sites record video and audio 24/7, and perform a variety of information extraction and enrichment tasks on the associated transcripts that include: insertion of full broadcast metadata, as well as fully-tagged and resolved companies with their ticker symbols. SENTIMENT CAPABILITIES UNEARTH NUANCES THAT DRIVE ALPHA Our sentiment analysis models understand where entity-level sentiment emanates from and to, and employs a proprietary variation of deep transfer learning to fine-tune language models and optimize contextual word embeddings to predict sentiment in key topic areas.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 01, 2021


Valspresso is a financial technology and investment strategy development firm based in Reston, Virginia. Two decades of research and innovation culminated with the grant of a U.S. patent for producing sentiment data, and the development and deployment of a suite of rules-based artificial intelligence software applications to automate the entire asset management process - from analysis to portfolio constructions to trade execution - with a clear objective: reduce risk and improve returns.

Sentiment & Fundamental Indicators

Valspresso’s data feed empowers subscribers to design and deploy persistent alpha-generating strategies. Valspresso’s proprietary technology and patented methods make it easy for quants, analysts, and portfolio managers to integrate proven indicators and signals into new or existing trading strategies with the objective of reducing risk and improving returns. Historical values are available from 2004 along with an example use case that clearly demonstrates how the Valspresso data can deliver higher alpha and lower beta, consistently. The signals for the use case strategy are available for subscribers to independently reproduce the results and perform their own analysis.

Added to Marketplace: Oct 31, 2019

ValuEngine, Inc (VE) is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by Ivy League finance academics utilizing the most advanced quantitative techniques and analysis available. VE produces fair values, forecast target prices, and buy/hold/sell recommendations on approximately 4,000 US and 1,000 Canadian stocks, 16 sectors, and 140 industries daily.

ValuEngine US Stock Model

ValuEngine’s US Stock Valuation data is based on a proprietary quantitative model that employs the most innovative concepts in financial theory from academia and Wall Street. Research model outputs are calculated daily for approximately 4,000 US stocks and include VE Fair Market Valuation, VE Forecast target prices, and VE Strong buy/Buy/Hold/Sell/Strong Sell recommendations.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 13, 2020

VentureCap Insights

VentureCap Insights provides 100% accurate information on fund raising, valuations and share prices (for every round), cap tables and financials for startups in Southeast Asia. All of our data comes from regulatory filings and is updated every day . It also has fund performance data for many of the leading Venture Capital funds in Southeast Asia, with the Net IRR, Net Multiple, DPI and RVPI, the exact amount invested by each fund into each startup and the value of that investment today.

Southeast Asia Startup & Venture Capital Fund Data

VentureCap Insights is a market-leading source for valuations, share prices, capitalization tables and financials for startups in Southeast Asia. It is also the only source for fund performance data for many of the leading Venture Capital funds in the region. All of the data comes from regulatory filings, and is updated every day. Available content in the DataFeed includes: - Valuation and share price for startups at every round - Capitalization tables for startups - Financials: Historical revenue and EBIT - Net IRR, Net Multiple, DPI and RVPI for many leading Venture Capital funds in the region

Added to Marketplace: Jan 05, 2021

Verisk Maplecroft

Verisk Maplecroft is a global risk analytics company specialising in ESG, climate, and political risk data for leading institutional investors and corporations. They combine proprietary risk indices and datasets with expert research on countries, industries and issues in a holistic approach to help their clients make better decisions. For asset owners and managers, Verisk Maplecroft is a trusted source of support for the integration of global risk factors across multiple asset classes.

Commodity Risk Analytics

Verisk Maplecroft's Commodity Risk Analytics assess over 160 hard and soft commodities across 20 ESG, climate and political risks. For each commodity and risk, country-specific scores are available for key producer countries, alongside production-weighted global scores derived from these country-specific scores. Scores and qualitative evidence that drive the sub-indicators beneath the country-specific scores are also available.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 30, 2020

Global Risk Analytics

Verisk Maplecroft's Global Risk Analytics data encompasses over 150 ESG, climate, political and economic factors (indices) on a worldwide basis. The indices are built using proprietary methods from structured and unstructured datasets, drawing on ~800 underlying indicators. They are updated on an annual or quarterly basis.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 30, 2020

Industry Risk Analytics

Verisk Maplecroft's Industry Risk Analytics data encompasses 21 ESG, climate, political and value chain risk factors (indices) for 74 industries globally. The indices represent a subset of Maplecroft's country-level risk scores that are adjusted to take into account the materiality of each factor within a given sector. They are updated on an annual or quarterly basis.

Added to Marketplace: Jan 30, 2020

Vertical Knowledge

Vertical Knowledge (VK) is an enterprise open source alternative data company that has transformed the way their clients identify, collect and leverage public data to gain actionable insight. VK offers a variety of historically rich data subscriptions, creating unprecedented opportunities for data consumption and information arbitrage. VK also provides services including a global commercial proxy network, custom data collection and an end to end collection Framework.

Online Best Sellers

This data set provides a daily collection of online bestseller information across 32 categories from the largest online retailer in the world. Each category has a deep history of daily collection with most dating back to 2013. This collection includes purchased products by date and product name linked to brand name as well as both the product list price and final sale price across thousands of public and private companies.

Added to Marketplace: Jul 01, 2020

Retail Data Set Package

For years, Vertical Knowledge has collected detailed retail sales information from some of the largest retailers in the world. This history includes a full collection of all products and variants from the online stores of retailers listed in the dataset section below. - Pricing - Promotions - Consumer Reception - Competitive Dynamics - Variant Details And More

Added to Marketplace: Aug 09, 2020

VK Connect - Global Proxy Network

Designed & developed in-house to support VK’s complex collection needs, VK’s global proxy network can be seamlessly integrated into any third-party application or data management /collection environment. VK Connect empowers users to compliantly crawl or monitor websites from over 95 countries with strategically located IP addresses, all commercially verified data center proxies. The network was successfully pen-tested by the U.S. military to ensure a 100% secure connection. Built for scalable collection, to control rate limiting and to mitigate risk, VK allows users to manage proxy utilization through an easy-to-use online portal.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 21, 2020

Wall Street Horizon

Wall Street Horizon provides institutional traders and investors with forward-looking corporate event data including earnings dates, dividend dates, options expiration dates, splits, spinoffs and investor conferences. Covering more than 8,000 equities worldwide, the company’s data is widely recognized for its unmatched accuracy and timeliness. By keeping clients apprised of critical market-moving events, WSH empowers financial professionals to take advantage of or avoid the ensuing volatility.


Wall Street Horizon’s Enchilada DataFeed offers more than 40 corporate event types including earnings revisions, dividend dates, option expiration dates, splits, spinoffs and investor related conferences.

Added to Marketplace: Sep 19, 2019

Weather Source

Weather Source helps clients leverage weather and climate technologies for business intelligence. Their mission is to make hyper-local weather and climate data accessible around the globe and across industries. Their passion is working with companies to develop weather strategies that ultimately reduce waste, increase ROI, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, and improve resource planning.

OnPoint Weather: US ZIP Codes

In this share, Weather Source provides a curated continuum of past, present, and forecast weather data for every U.S. ZIP code. Access 12 years of historical weather data analysis in daily format. Query hyper-local weather data for the ZIP codes most relevant to your business. Seamlessly integrate weather and climate data with your internal data for insightful analytics and actionable information. Quantify the impact of weather on operations. Reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, deploy strategic marketing, improve resource planning, and more.

Added to Marketplace: Mar 30, 2020

Who's Good

As the first AI-based robo-analyst in Asia, Who’s Good provides corporate risk assessment services. They use public big data and artificial intelligence to disclose and analyze data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and their potential impact on company performance. Insights from Who’s Good can also help assess ESG risks and opportunities at the portfolio level.

ESG Performance & Incident Analysis

Who’s Good analyzes both overall ESG performance and specific ESG incidents at companies to provide comprehensive risk management insights. The ESG Performance Analysis shows companies’ strategies and policies as well as important company statistics on ESG. This analysis is based on reliable public and open data sources and shows how well companies are prepared to prevent ESG risks. The ESG Incident Analysis identifies corporate scandals and incidents from a large universe of news articles. The AI algorithms provide key risk signals based on the impact of incidents that occurred.

Added to Marketplace: Dec 12, 2019

Woodseer Global

Woodseer Global specializes in forecast dividend data and analytics, working with financial service clients across the globe. Established in 2011, with teams in London and Vancouver, Woodseer utilizes a tech-driven approach, supported by expert analysts, to offer strong coverage and accuracy. With automation at the heart of our approach, every new input leads to iterative and consistent excellence in our output - we call it our unfair advantage.

Woodseer Dividend Forecasting

Employing an algorithm + analyst approach, Woodseer provides dividend forecast data for 7,400+ equities in over 60 countries. This approach enables broad coverage and strong dividend forecasting accuracy with intraday updates for dividend and disbursement specific items, including ex-date, pay date, record date, fiscal year, frequency, dividend type, amount, and currency. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday

Added to Marketplace: Jun 21, 2018


Yewno is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence firm that uses patented Knowledge Graph technology to extract unique insights from millions of data sources across financial services, education, publishing, life sciences, and government. Yewno Finance applies this core technology to data that directly impacts financial markets to deliver solutions to help capture excess return and mitigate risk. Yewno offers data feeds, index strategies, and Yewno|Edge, a web-based investment research platform.

Yewno Edge

Within the Yewno Edge platform, users have access to: Portfolio Exposures: Identify the global risk factors affecting a portfolio. Ranging from ideas to themes to events and even people, users can see how concepts like Tariffs and Brexit are impacting investments. Strategy Builder: Research and build customized investment strategies based on concepts like Machine Learning or E-Commerce with back-testing up to five years. Company Insights: View fundamental and alternative data including real-time pricing, sentiment scores, concept exposures, and more. Key Developments: Identify and react to relevant, market-moving events and news in real-time using anomaly detection and alert notifications.

Added to Marketplace: Feb 19, 2019

Yewno Emerging Technologies

Yewno’s Emerging Technologies intellectual property-based data feed goes back to 2011 and quantifies entity-specific exposure to transformative technologies that are likely to disrupt the economy in the future. Global companies that produce various types of intellectual property receive multiple factors for each one of 35 emerging technologies, including autonomous vehicles, blockchain, and deep learning, resulting in 100+ scores that measure which companies contribute the most to the development of emerging technologies. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Weekly

Added to Marketplace: May 18, 2018