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Providers & Products

Visit provider page: Social Market Analytics, Inc.

Social Market Analytics, Inc. (SMA) was founded in early 2012 to create predictive quantitative signals from unstructured data. SMA's patented process develops proprietary metrics using a unique approach that filters social media and textual data. SMA extracts detailed information from sources around the world using algorithms that rely on machine learning and natural language processing.

Visit product page: Social Market Analytics, Inc. (SMA) S-Factor Sentiment

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Social Market Analytics (SMA) S-Factor metrics provide quantitative measures of the intentions of professional investors as expressed on Twitter. Our metrics provide raw sentiment as well as a measure of sentiment on the security level relative to its history. Historical back-testing, independent research, and customer feedback support the fact that SMA insights are tradable and can deliver alpha. The SMA Sentiment Data Feed represents a new uncorrelated source of predictive information that can add value to predictive models.

Visit provider page: 2iQ Research

Founded in 2002 at the Frankfurt University business incubator, 2iQ has become a leading provider of insider transaction data with global coverage of over 60,000 stocks. 2iQ uses proprietary technology that includes machine learning and smart scraping plus an international team of expert data analysts to ensure smart, efficient capturing and processing of company filings and data. Top hedge funds, quantitative portfolio managers, and asset managers leverage 2iQ’s products & services.

Visit product page: 2iQ Global Insider Transaction data

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Gain access to the most accurate and complete global insider transaction database that provides on average 3,000 transactions daily. Contrary to other sentiment data, 2iQ captures the activity of corporate insiders who use their own capital to demonstrate confidence in their business. Signals based on insider transactions typically provide orthogonal value and are uncorrelated to other quantitative factors.

Visit provider page: Estimize

Estimize is an open financial estimates platform which collects forward-looking financial estimates from buy-side, independent, and sell-side analysts, along with those of industry experts and academics. By sourcing estimates from a larger and more diverse community of individuals, Estimize provides a more accurate, more timely, and more representative view of expectations compared to sell-side only data sets. The firm was founded in 2011 and is located in New York.

Visit product page: Estimize US Equities

Added: Apr 10, 2018

Gain access to crowdsourced earnings and revenue estimates from 70,000+ hedge fund, brokerage, independent, and amateur analysts covering over 2,600 U.S. companies in multiple sectors, including Technology, Healthcare, and Industrials. Estimize’s diverse range of data provides estimates that allow you to avoid the systematic bias of the Wall Street consensus. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Daily

Visit provider page: Data Simply

Data Simply provides investors better, faster ESG and financial signal data using data science. Quickly and easily extract meaningful insights from data by turning unstructured data (text) into investment signals. Leverage emerging technology around machine intelligence to drive growth. Reduce technology risk by letting Data Simply deliver both raw and processed data that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing models.

Visit product page: Company ESG and Financial Sentiment Disclosures

Added: Jan 26, 2019

Data Simply collects, scrubs, verifies and continually updates data in near real-time from published company disclosures at the SEC for the Russell 3000 group of tickers. They distill ESG (environmental, social and governance) and financial signal data from the words in these documents using custom ontologies to create a consolidated and comprehensive dataset.

Visit provider page: Quantopian

Quantopian has created a revolutionary data science platform that has brought financial data and quantitative investment tools to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now, this modern approach to researching quantitative investment strategies is available to FactSet clients. Relying on Python and Quantopian’s open-source libraries like zipline, alphalens, and pyfolio, professional quants can pursue their ideas with flexible, sophisticated tools.

Visit product page: Quantopian Enterprise

Added: Jan 30, 2019

Quantopian Enterprise pairs FactSet’s experience in data aggregation and integration with Quantopian’s industry leading quantitative finance software, offering a sophisticated data analysis and quant workflow environment. The platform provides everything needed to research and develop effective quantitative investment strategies, supporting the workflow end-to-end, including research, alpha factor construction, portfolio optimization, strategy simulation, and evaluation.

Visit provider page: Thasos Group

Thasos is an award-winning artificial intelligence platform that transforms real-time locations from smartphones into objective and actionable insights on the performance of businesses, markets, and economies globally.

Visit product page: ConsumerStreams

Added: Jan 31, 2019

Thasos ConsumerStreams measures daily customer visitation at physical stores by continuously analyzing the locations of millions of smartphones. Subscribers use the data to predict same store sales (SSS), support long-term investment theses, and cross-validate other sources of data and fundamental information. Data feeds are available for any of the following subsets: Big Box Retailers, Casual Dining, Department Stores, Fast Food, and Food Retail.

Visit provider page: Cortera

Fueled by over $1.4 trillion in annual B2B transactions, the Cortera commercial credit bureau provides financial firms with insightful views into the characteristics of public and privately-held companies. With over 25 years in commercial credit, thousands of companies rely on Cortera for unique data, forward thinking, rapid results and superior value.

Visit product page: Cortera Public Company Spend Insights

Added: Jan 29, 2019

Predict the financial health and future performance of businesses by identifying trends in purchasing behaviors over the past 5 years, segmented across 45 categories. Information includes firmographics and modeled attributes.

Visit provider page: Truvalue Labs

Truvalue Labs is the first company to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover timely and material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information at the speed of current events. The company’s mission is to deliver increased transparency to investment professionals by providing data and analytics that go beyond traditional fundamentals. The flagship product, Insight360, delivers investable insights by revealing intangible value and risk factors found in unstructured data.

Visit product page: Truvalue Insight360 DataFeed

Added: May 31, 2018

Truvalue Labs Insight360 quantifies Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data found in third-party sources, such as news, NGOs, industry reports, and social media using machine learning techniques. Insight360 provides short-term, long-term and momentum scores on 30 material ESG categories as well as an aggregate score, and volume score for each company. With a focus on both positive and negative ESG events, TVL uncovers investment opportunities as well as risks found in unstructured text. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Daily

Visit provider page: PrivCo

PrivCo provides the U.S. private market intelligence you’re searching for, without all the searching. They cover the entire private company landscape, irrespective of ownership or deal activity, allowing you to discover under-the-radar names. They source otherwise-elusive current and historical revenue and employee data by year, plus growth rates, ownership structure, executive-level contacts, investors, funding details, related companies, detailed M&A activity, and valuations and multiples.

Visit product page: U.S. Private Company Financials and Intelligence

Added: Jan 23, 2019

Accelerate your research and discovery efforts with actionable financial insights on the U.S. private markets. Discover new targets in your preferred universe without hours of searching, and without being limited to only those companies with funding or deal histories. Drill down on companies, using highly accurate, timely, and robust U.S. private company financials. Identify prospects and acquisition targets, source deals and comps, gain competitive intel, and research the private market landscape.

Visit provider page: Mastercard

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is a technology company in the global payments industry. They operate the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments, and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities - such as shopping, traveling, running a business, and managing finances - easier, more secure, and more efficient for everyone.

Visit product page: Sector Insights™

Added: Feb 01, 2019

The Mastercard Sector Insights™ product suite provides sector-level information and analysis of consumer trends. Expert analysis powered by world-class information assets drive powerful insights that enable fact-based decisions, shaping big-picture strategies and detecting short-term tactical trends.

Visit product page: SpendingPulse™

Added: Feb 01, 2019

SpendingPulse is the only macroeconomic indicator of U.S. industry performance based on actual, near real-time retail spending data. An industry standard, SpendingPulse generates comprehensive monthly reports far earlier than government or industry sources.

Visit provider page: FactSet

FactSet creates data and technology solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions. We combine our unique proprietary datasets, your in-house data, and third-party unstructured data to help you see and seize opportunity sooner.

Visit product page: FactSet Supply Chain Relationships

Added: Apr 30, 2014

Supply chain relationship data is built to expose business relationship interconnections among companies globally. This feed provides access to the complex networks of companies' key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners, collected from annual filings, investor presentations, and press releases.

Visit product page: FactSet Mergers

Added: Oct 31, 2014

The FactSet Mergers data feed provides global merger and acquisition information for over 500,000 announced mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spin-offs involving both public and private companies. In addition to deal terms and details, this feed identifies participants, attitudes, and company details at the time of the announcement. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Daily.

Visit product page: FactSet Geographic Revenue Exposure

Added: Aug 29, 2014

FactSet Geographic Revenue Exposure data provides a highly structured and normalized display of companies’ revenues by geography. Quickly understand a company’s revenue exposure in countries impacted by geopolitical, macroeconomic, and market risk. Understand the geographic footprint of a company based on sources of revenue versus country of domicile, and analyze global revenue exposures at the company, index, or portfolio level. Data Frequency: Annual; Update Frequency: Daily.

Visit product page: FactSet ETF

Added: Oct 31, 2016

FactSet ETF data feeds provide complete and accurate security, fund and reference data across the universe of exchange-traded products. Data is sourced from ETF providers across the globe and includes more than 100 unique data points, resulting in comprehensive coverage to help you evaluate and construct ETFs, analyze potential trades, and perform fund research. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Hierarchy

Added: Mar 31, 2017

Get a 360-degree view of a company's diverse businesses. Our unique multi-sector, variable-depth classification system groups companies with up to three times the depth found in conventional industry classification systems. When fully expanded, the Hierarchy has over 7,000 sector and product groups, providing the precision needed to understand companies in a multi-dimensional manner.

Visit product page: FactSet Estimates - Consensus

Added: Jan 31, 2011

Gain access to 20+ years of comprehensive estimates and statistics on a wide variety of financial statement items as well as industry specific metrics. Updated intraday, FactSet’s consensus estimates are aggregated from a wide base of contributors and cover over 19,000 active companies across 90+ countries. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Data Management Solutions

Added: Jan 31, 2011

Gain access to FactSet’s security- and entity-level symbology and comprehensive entity reference data. Our Data Management Solutions (DMS or EDM) provide all the necessary relationships and connections you need to link disparate sources of information to a master identifier.

Visit product page: FactSet Economic Events and Estimates

Added: Feb 29, 2016

Keep track of past and future economic event calendar and estimate information for 60+ countries and regions with FactSet Economic Events and Estimates. Each event record includes descriptive data, release date and time, and the associated indicator, period, and region. In addition, recent actual and consensus estimates are provided for indicator events. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Daily.

Visit product page: FactSet Estimates - Detail

Added: Jan 31, 2011

Updated intraday, the FactSet detail estimates feed provides individual broker-level estimates collected from over 800 sell-side analysts. This database contains 20+ years of broker history across more than 59,000 global companies. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Fundamentals

Added: Jan 31, 2011

Gain access to current, comprehensive, and comparative information on securities in worldwide developed and emerging markets. Composed of annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, and calculated ratios, FactSet Fundamentals provides you with the information you need for a global investment perspective. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: StreetAccount News Portal

Added: Jul 11, 2018

With real-time, distilled market-moving information, the FactSet StreetAccount Portal gives you instant access to crucial intelligence for the companies and markets that matter to you. StreetAccount features comprehensive U.S. and European company coverage (and expanding Canadian and Asia Pacific coverage) by scanning all possible sources for corporate news, including corporate conference calls, FDA and EU drug approvals, SEC filings, FTC antitrust decisions, brokerage firm upgrades/downgrades, and trading floor conjecture. It also includes around-the-clock market summaries of the U.S., European, and Asian markets (including overnight summaries, pre-market futures trading updates, political highlights, and sector summaries/highlights).

Visit product page: Data Exploration

Added: Jul 24, 2018

FactSet Data Exploration combines the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud with the content of the Open:FactSet Marketplace, offering a streamlined way to explore and evaluate new ideas. Instantly interact with data from the Marketplace in a fully hosted environment that includes industry-standard databases, programming languages (Python and R), and data visualization tools. FactSet Data Exploration eliminates the cost of trialing data locally by providing everything needed to analyze new content with a simple log in.

Visit product page: FactSet RBICS

Added: Mar 31, 2017

Get a comprehensive structured taxonomy to classify companies by what they primarily do. FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS) delivers a granular view for investors by classifying companies using a bottom-up approach according to the products and services they provide. By combining this approach with a top-level grouping based on companies’ behavior similarities and stock co-movement, FactSet RBICS delivers unprecedented precision for 1,400+ sector groups.

Visit product page: FactSet Shipping

Added: May 16, 2018

Better understand the increasingly complex global supply chains of 200,000+ companies with access to a normalized view of over 30 million shipments with FactSet Shipping. Use this data to conduct network analysis, uncover undisclosed business relationships, detect supply chain risks, and identify trends in shipping to predict a company’s sales volume. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Corporate Governance

Added: Aug 31, 2015

FactSet’s corporate activism database, SharkRepellent, allows you to monitor and analyze corporate activism with data items related to poison pills, significant activism reported in SEC filings and news sources, and key takeover defenses compiled from articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other publicly available sources. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Events

Added: Nov 30, 2011

Find details for over 1.7 million corporate events, such as conference call date and time, phone number and password, type of conference call, and investor relations contact information. Transcript participants are mapped to FactSet symbology, allowing users to perform analysis on firms, individuals, analysts, and brokers using FactSet’s permanent identifiers. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Global Sanctions

Added: May 29, 2015

Monitor the entities (companies and individuals) on U.S. and global economic sanctions lists with FactSet Global Sanctions. This data set monitors the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions lists and other restricted lists maintained by global authorities (e.g., Great Britain, United Nations, and European Union). Identified with FactSet symbology, the entities that appear on these lists are further analyzed to identify related entities as well as the connecting relationship.

Visit product page: FactSet Solvency II

Added: Nov 06, 2018

FactSet’s Solvency II solution provides asset managers and asset owners with a consolidated source of data and analytics to maintain compliance with the European Union’s Solvency II capital and quantitative reporting requirements, which regulate all insurance and reinsurance activity in the EU.

Visit product page: FactSet Debt Capital Structure

Added: Mar 29, 2013

Thoroughly examine a company’s sources of debt. Access public and private company debt financing and analyze debt at the individual instrument level. FactSet Debt Capital Structure provides summary and detailed information on the debt structure of more than 75,000 reporting entities globally, linked to over 45,000 ultimate parents. Capture revolving credit (balances and availability), term loans, notes and bonds, and other borrowings as of a specific fiscal date. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Daily.

Visit product page: FactSet People

Added: Nov 29, 2013

Gain instant access to personal and professional information for individuals associated with over 1.3 million firms, including public and private companies and financial sponsors, as well as private equity firms and investment professionals. Active and historical employment, board positions and select job details are included. The FactSet People database is updated intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Document Distributor - XML Transcripts

Added: Apr 28, 2017

Access information for over 1.7 million company corporate events, such as conference call date and time, access details, and participant name and contact information. Transcript participants are mapped to FactSet symbology, allowing users to perform historical analysis on firms, individuals, analysts, or brokers using FactSet’s permanent identifiers. Updated intraday, this feed delivers event transcripts in a standardized and tagged XML format. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: FactSet Private Equity

Added: Nov 30, 2012

The FactSet Private Equity feed contains comprehensive information on thousands of global private equity and venture capital firms. You can access information about a firm’s venture capital financing rounds, view in-depth company profiles and investment trends, analyze industry and geographic holdings, as well as discover potential investments and buys.

Visit product page: FactSet RBICS with Tradenames

Added: Sep 13, 2018

RBICS with Tradenames maps over 170,000 products, services and brands (a.k.a. Tradenames) to the granular sectors of the RBICS taxonomy, resulting in a multi-sector participation map for each company. Whereas RBICS with Revenue offers quantified multi-sector exposure based on a company’s segment disclosures, RBICS with Tradenames provides a comprehensive view of sector participation at the product level.

Visit product page: FactSet Concordance Service

Added: Jan 31, 2011

The FactSet Concordance Service leverages FactSet’s extensive security and entity-level Symbology databases along with its industry leading content collection expertise to provide one-to-one relationships between locally managed identifiers and the FactSet instance. FactSet identifiers are mapped to industry-standard identifiers as well as to a comprehensive set of reference data and unique content to greatly enhance the ability to integrate other FactSet content sets quickly and easily.

Visit product page: FactSet Ownership

Added: Jun 30, 2010

FactSet’s Ownership data provides institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information for equities and fixed income securities worldwide from company and institutional filings, investor reports, and press releases. Updated daily, this database provides 17+ years of history across 120 countries. Data Frequency: Quarterly; Update Frequency: Daily.

Visit provider page: Arialytics

Arialytics was founded in 2010 and is a leading provider of artificial intelligence investment research and portfolio solutions. The company helps asset managers and investment professionals reduce bias in research, increase rational decision-making, improve investment consistency, and obtain unique insights from data.

Visit product page: Arialytics IDEAS™ - US Equity Research

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Arialytics IDEAS™ is a comprehensive, point-in-time artificial intelligence data feed that processes millions of data streams into return assessments for 5,000+ US listed equities (including ADRs), and 200+ industries across seven investment horizons ranging from one month to five years. Arialytics IDEAS™ provides both real-time analytic value and historical depth to asset managers.

Visit product page: Arialytics IDEAS™ Alpha - US Equity Research

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Arialytics IDEAS™ Alpha is a comprehensive, survivor-bias-free, point-in-time artificial intelligence data feed that processes millions of fundamental, exchange, and macroeconomic data streams into alpha assessments for 5,000+ US listed and traded equities and ADRs, as well as 200+ industries across seven investment horizons ranging from one month to five years. An additional 5,000+ delisted firms are also included allowing for bias-free model development and backtesting.

Visit provider page: StockPulse

German-based StockPulse, founded in 2011, is a pioneer of sentiment data analytics for financial markets. The company's fully automated systems condense several million datasets from social media channels into meaningful and actionable data. StockPulse analysis is based on years of research that has been tested and confirmed in several academic studies. Pulse Picks, a key StockPulse product, provide at least 30 trend signals per trading day for individual stocks, indices, and currency pairs.

Visit product page: PulsePicks Trading Signals

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Leverage StockPulse’s robust AI engine to uncover PulsePicks trading signals based on sentiment data from social media sources, blogs, chats, and forums. Various metrics such as intensity (buzz), sentiment, and key topics are combined and optimized using algorithms that continuously analyze large historical datasets to detect patterns that can be translated into equity-level signals.

Visit provider page: Arabesque

Founded in 2013 following a management buyout from Barclays Bank, Arabesque has been built in cooperation with leading academics from universities including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. Their proprietary technology, Arabesque S-Ray®, allows investors to measure the sustainability of thousands of companies worldwide. The tool applies a quantitative and algorithmic approach to ESG data, empowering all stakeholders to make better decisions for a more sustainable future.

Visit product page: Arabesque S-Ray

Added: Aug 30, 2018

The Arabesque S-Ray® Score Layer data feed provides three lenses for analysis on the sustainability of approximately 7,000 of the world’s largest corporations by way of the GC Score, ESG Score and Preferences Filter. The newly added Feature layer data feed serves as the building blocks for the GC and ESG scores and provides even more insight into a company’s sustainability performance on 22 well-defined sustainability topics. Through big data and machine learning, the tool systematically combines over 250 environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics with news signals from over 50,000 sources across 20 languages, enabling you to make better informed financial decisions. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Daily.

Visit provider page: Genscape, Inc.

Genscape is a leading global provider of intraday data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets. The company is driven to improve market transparency and efficiency and delivers innovative insight across a number of industries, including oil, power, natural gas and LNG, agriculture, petrochemical and NGLs, maritime, and renewables.

Visit product page: Genscape's TESLA Insights

Added: Apr 10, 2018

Using patented analytics, the TESLA Insights feed tracks and estimates daily battery production at the TESLA Gigafactory. It provides an up-to-date count of Model 3 battery deliveries from TESLA’s Gigafactory to their Fremont plant and near real-time data of the Gigafactory power consumption. Leverage this information along with finished TESLA vehicle counts leaving the Fremont plant, including Model 3, Model S, and Model X, to spot production trends before the company reports. Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Weekly

Visit product page: Genscape's Equity Production Insights

Added: Apr 10, 2018

Obtain access into companies’ oil and gas production levels to make more informed trading decisions when timing matters. Equity Production Insights leverages Genscape’s proprietary thermal and image monitoring capabilities to deliver highly accurate estimates for 30+ E&P companies and 20+ midstream companies in the energy sector. With a strong correlation to the company reported production number, Genscape’s raw estimate provides valuable insight into these companies and the oil/gas industry. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Weekly

Visit provider page: Prattle

Prattle is a research automation firm that generates automated analyst reports and directly tradable, quantitative signals by analyzing the language used by central banks and publicly traded companies. Prattle’s proprietary systems use predictive analytics and natural language processing to provide clarity to investors and finance professionals. The company was founded by experts in textual analytics and economic forecasting and is backed by top-tier Wall Street and Silicon Valley investors.

Visit product page: Prattle Corporate Communications

Added: Jan 16, 2019

Prattle's Corporate Communications Data Feed uses proprietary natural language processing and machine learning technology to deliver predictive analytics on primary source corporate communications from nearly 3,000 U.S. companies. Corporate language is parsed and converted to quantitative data that allows investment professionals to forecast price movement.

Visit product page: Prattle Equities Analytics

Added: Jul 31, 2018

Using a combination of natural language processing and machine learning, the Prattle Equities Analytics Data Feed delivers comprehensive, unbiased, quantitative analysis of corporate earnings calls from nearly 3,000 publicly traded companies in the U.S. Corporate language is parsed and converted to quantitative data that allows investment professionals to forecast market outcomes. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Daily

Visit product page: Prattle Central Bank Analytics

Added: Sep 28, 2018

Using a combination of natural language processing and machine learning, the Prattle Central Bank Analytics data feed delivers comprehensive, unbiased, quantitative analysis of official communications from 15 central banks globally. Language is parsed and converted to quantitative data that allows investment professionals to forecast market outcomes. Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit provider page: Woodseer Global

Woodseer Global specializes in forecast dividend data and analytics, working with financial service clients across the globe. Established in 2011, with teams in London and Vancouver, Woodseer utilizes a tech-driven approach, supported by expert analysts, to offer strong coverage and accuracy. With automation at the heart of our approach, every new input leads to iterative and consistent excellence in our output - we call it our unfair advantage.

Visit product page: Woodseer Dividend Forecasting

Added: Jun 21, 2018

Employing an algorithm + analyst approach, Woodseer provides dividend forecast data for 8,500+ equities in over 60 countries. This approach enables broad coverage and strong accuracy with intraday updates for dividend and disbursement specific items, including ex-date, pay date, record date, fiscal year, frequency, dividend type, amount, and currency. Data Frequency: Event; Update Frequency: Intraday

Visit provider page: Yewno

Yewno is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence firm that uses patented Knowledge Graph technology to extract unique insights from millions of data sources across financial services, education, publishing, life sciences, and government. Yewno Finance applies this core technology to data that directly impacts financial markets to deliver solutions to help capture excess return and mitigate risk. Yewno offers data feeds, index strategies, and Yewno|Edge, a web-based investment research platform.

Visit product page: Yewno Emerging Technologies

Added: May 18, 2018

Yewno’s Emerging Technologies data feed goes back to 2011 and quantifies entity-specific exposure to transformative technologies that are likely to disrupt the economy in the future. Global companies that produce various types of intellectual property receive multiple factors for each one of 35 emerging technologies, including autonomous vehicles, blockchain, and deep learning, resulting in 100+ scores that measure which companies contribute the most to the development of emerging technologies. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Weekly

Visit provider page: News Quantified

News Quantified provides actionable, alpha-generating intelligence and risk management solutions. Breaking news headlines from major U.S. News sources and regulatory filings are continuously analyzed in real-time and integrated with corresponding market data to better understand and predict stock price movement. By leveraging over ten years of historical data and millions of news items, News Quantified tears down the wall between news headlines and market data.

Visit product page: News Quantified Analytics

Added: Jan 08, 2019

News Quantified Analytics covers all scheduled and surprise news events, earnings reports, analyst actions, mergers & acquisitions, new product launches, officer changes, SEC filings, legal cases or settlements, regulatory actions and market rumors. Their Analytics Data Feed offers over 100 customizable metrics, such as predicted direction and market impact, to provide deeper insights that help enhance returns and reduce risk.

Visit provider page: Wall Street Horizon

Wall Street Horizon provides institutional traders and investors with forward-looking corporate event data including earnings dates, dividend dates, options expiration dates, splits, spinoffs and investor conferences. Covering more than 7,000 equities worldwide, the company’s data is widely recognized for its unmatched accuracy and timeliness. By keeping clients apprised of critical market-moving events, WSH empowers financial professionals to take advantage of or avoid the ensuing volatility.

Visit product page: Enchilada API

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Wall Street Horizon’s Enchilada API offers more than 40 corporate event types including earnings revisions, dividend dates, option expiration dates, splits, spinoffs and investor related conferences. By accessing the data programmatically through the XML-based API, all the updated events for 7,000 global equities are in a single location.

Visit provider page: Blue Fire AI

Blue Fire AI is a capital markets intelligence firm that applies quantitative methodologies to market and financial statement data, as well as machine intelligence to textual content from regulatory filings, articles, footnotes and earnings calls, to create the latest state of truth of any listed company globally. Our AI component is focused on reading, curating, and comprehending textual information to synthesize precise asset level intelligence to help investors make better decisions.

Visit product page: Access-AShare

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Inclusion of on-shore China A-Shares by MSCI has forced global asset managers to become buyers with USD $400bn anticipated in fund flows. China is still developing as a market. There is a great deal of information only available in Mandarin that is not reflected in asset prices due to lower institutional participation. Blue Fire AI’s Access-AShare has been built on industry-leading Mandarin reading, comprehension and interpretive technologies. Our algorithms machine-read Chinese financial media, identify what matters to investors, and express them as investment indicators on each company. We enable our clients to detect alpha opportunities when there are big dislocations in fair value of Chinese companies.

Visit provider page: TenViz

TenViz provides a range of data-driven solutions that use machine learning tools to help investors better understand broad macro dependencies that affect their portfolios of stocks or bonds. We help fundamental investors systematize cross-asset flows, sector rotation, credits, single name stocks, etc., and work with institutional asset managers and hedge funds to generate signals more accurately than ever before.

Visit product page: Turning Points

Added: Jan 08, 2019

TenViz tools improve investment performance for asset managers by layering buy/sell signals on top of their fundamentally-researched ideas. Signals are driven by cross-asset relationships, providing well-timed insights reflecting global money flows. TenViz uses machine learning and advanced statistics (covering all stocks and bonds globally) to spot leading dependencies and paint a holistic and forward-looking view of the market.

Visit provider page: IHS Markit

IHS Markit delivers next-generation information, analytics, and solutions to help customers improve operational efficiency and gain deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit has more than 50,000 key business and government customers, including 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and the world’s leading financial institutions. Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol INFO and committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

Visit product page: Research Signals

Added: Feb 03, 2019

Research Signals provides over 500 investment signals covering more than 30,000 securities in 80 countries, supporting security selection and strategy development. The signals are extracted from a variety of data sources, including direct financial, technical, industry-specific, proprietary, and alternative data sources, and are designed to help asset managers expedite return generation goals. Research Signals analyst team focuses on discovering and testing factors that relate to traditional and specialty themes such as value, quality, momentum, short interest, social media sentiment, ESG, cybersecurity, and more.

Visit provider page: RepRisk

RepRisk is a leading research and business intelligence provider that specializes in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and responsible business conduct risks analysis. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, RepRisk serves clients worldwide, enabling them to reduce blind spots and manage business conduct risks related to their operations, business relationships, and investments.

Visit product page: RepRisk ESG Business Intelligence

Added: Apr 10, 2018

RepRisk’s proprietary risk metrics and analytics systematically flag and monitor ESG and business conduct risks, as well as potential company-specific violations of internal policies and/or international standards. With daily updates and human-curated adverse data, RepRisk’s data feeds offer a comprehensive solution for risk management and compliance with universal coverage. Data Frequency: Daily; Update Frequency: Weekly.

Visit provider page: Alexandria Technology

Alexandria Technology creates proprietary machine learning algorithms that classify text for entities, events/topics, sentiment, and more. Launched in 2012, Alexandria’s classification systems have been trained by research analysts and portfolio managers, creating an AI analyst that reads text like a human but performs with the speed and consistency of a machine.

Visit product page: Alexandria Text Analytics - Commodity

Added: Jan 08, 2019

Alexandria’s Global Commodity dataset is the application of their proprietary algorithms on commodity-related news. Each article is summarized into a record of structured data which includes the type of commodity, the topic or news event, and the overall sentiment of the article based on their AI analyst’s assessment on how it will affect that commodity (positive impact, negative impact or neutral/no impact).

Visit product page: Alexandria Text Analytics - Economic

Added: Sep 28, 2018

Alexandria’s Global Economic dataset is the application of their proprietary algorithms on macro-economic news. Each article is summarized into a record of structured data which includes the economic country or region, the topic or news event, and the overall sentiment of the article based on their AI analyst’s assessment on how it will affect that economy (positive impact, negative impact or neutral/no impact). Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit product page: Alexandria Text Analytics - Equity

Added: Apr 10, 2018

Market sentiment news analysis that covers 110,000+ public companies worldwide. Algorithms trained by buy-side research analysts replicate their own analysis of news items, which yields a more accurate and consistent classification across a deep history of news stories. This product helps quantitative researchers and compliance professionals better understand and explore the impact of news and provide more clarity on trade activity. Data Frequency: Intraday; Update Frequency: Intraday.

Visit provider page: Libra Investment Services

Established in 2010, Libra is an award-winning London based FCA regulated advisory firm that runs a systematic equity valuation product. Based on their proprietary Apollo methodology that was first developed in 2004, their Smart Alpha solution offers a comprehensive dataset of daily stock level signals and indicators for global stocks. Libra provides both bespoke research content and customised data products to help institutional clients create a more effective investment process.

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Added: Jan 28, 2019

Apollo is an asset pricing model that incorporates implied cost of capital to determine both the return opportunity and the risk of loss for over 6700 stocks worldwide. Updated daily, the dataset stretches back to 2000 and provides users with both estimated future cash-flows and the rate at which they’re being discounted. Factors such as style, rating, value, volatility, growth and potential alpha are used to create a proprietary stock level indicator. The dataset can also be used to create aggregate indicators at the portfolio, sector or market level.

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CSRHub offers one of the world’s broadest and most consistent set of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings, covering 18,000 companies. Its patented Big Data algorithm combines millions of data points on ESG performance from hundreds of sources, including leading ESG analyst raters, to produce consensus scores on all aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CSRHub ratings can be used to drive corporate, investor and consumer decisions.

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Added: Jan 08, 2019

Enhance corporate, investor, and consumer ESG and sustainability decision-making with strong signal data from CSRHub. Through a patented algorithm and machine learning, CSRHub aggregates and harmonizes disparate data from over 500 SRI/ESG sources to generate a consensus score for the ESG performance of more than 18,000 companies from 136 industries in 131 countries. Leverage CSRHub’s big data expertise to increase corporate market value, see portfolio opportunities and risks, and augment other Business Intelligence data.

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Kavout is a global investment technology company committed to empowering investors to uncover data insights, generate alpha, and discover new investment opportunities. The company provides products and services to quantitative and fundamental asset managers, as well as technical traders. Kavout brings together a world-class team of researchers, data scientists, and machine learning experts who create tools to help hedge funds and discretionary asset managers make better investment decisions.

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Added: Jan 25, 2019

K Scores are equity ratings that are rooted in fundamental factor investing and quantitative research, but leverage machine learning processing. K Scores can be incorporated as trading signals or used to validate research, construct portfolios, or create risk-adjusted investment factors. Kavout processes vast and diverse information including fundamentals, technical indicators, and alternative data, and then applies predictive models and methods such as regression and deep learning to produce a ranking. K Scores are available for China A-Shares, or a subset of the data by market cap, sector, or indices such as CSI 300/500/800.

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Added: Jan 25, 2019

K Scores are equity ratings that are rooted in fundamental factor investing and quantitative research, but leverage machine learning processing. K Scores can be incorporated as trading signals or used to validate research, construct portfolios, or create risk-adjusted investment factors. Kavout processes vast and diverse information including fundamentals, technical indicators, and alternative data, and then applies predictive models and methods such as regression and deep learning to produce a ranking. K Scores are available for all U.S. Equities, or a subset of the data by market cap, sector, or index.

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Four Twenty Seven is a market intelligence firm that specializes in analyzing the physical risks of climate change. We leverage a large number of public and private data sources to deliver science-driven analytics and ESG solutions to our clients.

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Added: Jan 08, 2019

Four Twenty Seven’s forward-looking data analytics empower investors to identify and mitigate physical climate risk in their portfolios. Leverage a database of over 1 million corporate facilities around the world and over 10,000 companies that are scored for supply chain and market risks. Over 2,000 companies are scored for operations risk based on exposure to climate hazards such as hurricanes & typhoons, sea level rise, extreme rainfall, heat stress, water stress and wildfire (forthcoming).