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VK Data Subscriptions

Data Feed by Vertical Knowledge

Added as Candidate: Feb. 21, 2020

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This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available via FactSet.
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  • Perform deeper retail industry analysis. Predict sales, margins, consumer reception of products, and competitive dynamics between retailers. VK’s retail subscriptions contain years of comprehensive pricing data, including full coverage of products across dozens of retailer websites. VK also captures the top best-selling products from the largest retail websites daily. This data allows users to measure relative performance of competitors based on ranking and product brand data.
  • Enhance industry-specific insight and transparency with travel and automotive subscriptions. Travel subscriptions cover a variety of topics and performance across the hospitality and travel segments, including price, and in many cases, inventory transparency. Automotive subscriptions provide inventory and price transparency of car listings and rental car data on the web.
  • Gain valuable real estate industry data. Real estate subscriptions cover U.S. residential property listings, sold listings and apartment listings. VK is expanding coverage to international geographies. Short-term home rental subscriptions cover pricing, availability, and reviews data from a variety of sources. This data provides insights into pricing trends, geography, availability, and user sentiment.
Feed Details
Select from a continuously expanding library of signal-generating datasets with rich historical information from over 200 sources. Collaborate with VK’s engineers to build customized output delivered in a research-ready format for seamless integration with existing datasets, data tools, and ML/AI capabilities. Collection results can be exported in JSON, HTML, Excel, CSV, Tableau, and other summary reporting tools. VK's data subscriptions cover many sectors such as Retail, Automotive, Real Estate, Travel, Self-Storage, Auto & Home Rentals, Company & Location Intelligence, and more. Some of VK's data subscriptions are highlighted above. Please reach out for a complete list.
Firm Information
Vertical Knowledge (VK) is an enterprise open source alternative data company that has transformed the way their clients identify, collect and leverage public data to gain actionable insight. VK offers a variety of historically rich data subscriptions, creating unprecedented opportunities for data consumption and information arbitrage. VK also provides services including a global commercial proxy network, custom data collection and an end to end collection Framework.