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ValuEngine US Stock Model

Data Feed by ValuEngine, Inc

Added as Candidate: Feb. 13, 2020

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This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available via FactSet.
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  • Rely on a robust and effective model that has been extensively backtested in the US Equities markets. The investment performance of each VE model has been proven to exceed that of many well-known stock-picking styles.
  • Gain access to timely and comprehensive data. VE calculates fair market value, forecast target prices, and buy/hold/sell recommendations across a coverage universe of approximately 4,000 US stocks, on a daily basis.
  • Enhance Alpha. Leverage an experienced research team that continues to develop, test and improve the VE Stock Valuation Models and econometric models for forecasting stock price movement.
Feed Details
ValuEngine’s US Stock Valuation data is based on a proprietary quantitative model that employs the most innovative concepts in financial theory from academia and Wall Street.

Research model outputs are calculated daily for approximately 4,000 US stocks and include VE Fair Market Valuation, VE Forecast target prices, and VE Strong buy/Buy/Hold/Sell/Strong Sell recommendations.
Firm Information (VE) is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by Ivy League finance academics utilizing the most advanced quantitative techniques and analysis available. VE produces fair values, forecast target prices, and buy/hold/sell recommendations on approximately 4,000 US and 1,000 Canadian stocks, 16 sectors, and 140 industries daily.
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Fundamentals Estimates North America 20+ yrs