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Data Feed by BizPortal

Added as Candidate: Oct. 17, 2019

Candidate Product
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This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available via FactSet.
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  • Analyze the relationship between material government contract awards and subsequent sales surprise and stock price movements for companies involved in government contracting.
  • Create a robust framework for global, regional and sector analysis based on the purchasing activity of the governments around the world.
  • Uncover dynamic relationships between public buyers and large government contractors and identify issues related to government transparency and corporate responsibility.
Feed Coverage
Region CountTypeStart Date
EU (incl. UK) 8MAwarded Contracts2010
North America 18MAwarded Contracts2010
Australia 1MAwarded Contracts2010
Asia 6MAwarded Contracts2012
Russia & Ukraine 8MAwarded Contracts2014
Latin America 2MAwarded Contracts2014
Feed Details
TenderAlpha by Bizportal is a global data product consisting of aggregated government procurement contract awards and related company information. Contract awards information is scraped from different government sources and then aggregated and mapped to tickers for any publicly listed companies participating in public procurement directly and/or through subsidiaries. Covering more than 50 countries worldwide with 10+ years of historical records, TenderAlpha is available via various flexible delivery options.
Firm Information is an open data mining and analytics provider focused primarily on collecting and processing global public procurement contract awards data. With government spending representing nearly 20% of worldwide GDP, public procurement is a significant piece of the global economy. Clients rely on BizPortal data for insights into macroecomic trends and public spending, company credit and risk analysis, as well as other sales and marketing related applications.