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Smart Climate E-Scores

Data Feed by Entelligent

Added as Candidate: July 24, 2019

Candidate Product
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This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available via FactSet.
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  • Impact corporations that impact climate change. Entelligent’s top-down models, which measure climate risk exposure and track company level trends, help global investors move capital to the companies that are making the changes needed to move us toward "net zero" carbon consumption, rather than just away from carbon-based industries. Smart Climate™ is the next generation solution for low carbon impact investing and can also help reduce portfolio risk exposure and Improve risk/return ratios.
  • Rely on a proven model to evaluate climate change risk at the security level. Use Entelligent’s Energy Rapid Overview and Decision Support System (En-ROADS ™) to calculate the sensitivity of a security or portfolio to potential climate change futures. Filter out companies with high climate riskexposures, or tilt portfolios toward the companies that are making the most positive environmental changes relative to their peers.
  • Seamlessly Incorporate climate risk exposures into existing stock screening and portfolio construction processes to help maintain diversification and better controlturnoverIntegrate climate risk exposures with strategies such as hedges and swaps.
Feed Details
Smart Climate E-Scores™ measure sensitivity to climate risk. Combining a top-down approach with an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM), Entelligent provides the next generation solution for low carbon impact investing. Their proprietary research methodology integrates energy volatility, climate risk data and financial information of public equities to predict returns based on customizable global inputs. The Smart Climate E-Scores use multiple future climate scenarios to compute the variance among Entelligent’s predicted returns as a climate risk indicator.

Entelligent’s approach complements other ESG methodologies that collect and aggregate micro-level data to gauge risks and opportunities.
Firm Information
Entelligent sees climate change as a new and growing risk for investors seeking to reduce their exposure to macroeconomic risk, policy shock, and technology innovation as a result of rising global temperatures. The firm provides Smart Climate™ indices, predictive equity portfolio analytics, and data to help investors identify opportunities as the global economy transitions to low carbon solutions.