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Quantopian Enterprise

Solution by Quantopian

Added to Marketplace: Apr. 06, 2019

  • Quality: Quantopian Enterprise is pre-integrated with premium financial data sourced and cleaned by FactSet
  • Efficiency: Using the latest advances in cloud computing, the analyses and simulations are fast and efficient, giving you the opportunity to streamline the entire quantitative workflow, from idea generation to portfolio construction
  • Flexibility: By providing a Python development environment for the creation of alpha factors, the quantitative researcher has the needed flexibility to pursue any idea with data
Solution Details
Quantopian Enterprise pairs FactSet’s experience in data aggregation and integration with Quantopian’s industry leading quantitative finance software, offering a sophisticated data analysis and quant workflow environment. The platform provides everything needed to research and develop effective quantitative investment strategies, supporting the workflow end-to-end, including research, alpha factor construction, portfolio optimization, strategy simulation, and evaluation.
Firm Information
Quantopian has created a revolutionary data science platform that has brought financial data and quantitative investment tools to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now, this modern approach to researching quantitative investment strategies is available to FactSet clients. Relying on Python and Quantopian’s open-source libraries like zipline, alphalens, and pyfolio, professional quants can pursue their ideas with flexible, sophisticated tools.