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FactSet Concordance Service on Snowflake

Solution by FactSet

Recently Added: Jan. 22, 2021

  • Save time and resources by outsourcing the cumbersome and time-consuming task of mapping data from disparate sources. Leverage FactSet’s 40 years of experience acquiring, integrating and managing content to ensure complete and concorded data.
  • Offered as an external function directly available in your Snowflake instance - FactSet’s flexible, automated Concordance Service can link hundreds of records in seconds, streamlining integration and connection efforts.
  • Rely on a single system for your analytic, risk management, concordance, and regulatory needs. Optimize the organization of your internal data assets and 3rd party data to increase efficiency, transparency, and scalability.
Solution Details
The FactSet Concordance Service on Snowflake leverages FactSet’s extensive entity master and Symbology databases along with its industry leading content collection expertise to provide one-to-one relationships between locally managed identifiers and the FactSet Entity ID. FactSet identifiers are mapped to industry-standard identifiers, as well as to a comprehensive set of reference data and unique content, to greatly enhance the ability to connect other content sets quickly and easily.
Firm Information
FactSet creates data and technology solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions. We combine our unique proprietary datasets, your in-house data, and third-party unstructured data to help you see and seize opportunity sooner.