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ESG Impact

Data Feed, API and Solution by Clarity AI

Added as Candidate: Feb. 18, 2020

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  • ESG Impact quantifies the actual social and environmental impact of organizations on society. It is meant to be used as a complementary score alternative to ESG scores which focus on assessing how sustainability metrics might have an impact on financial risk. Organizations with low ESG risk do not necessarily have a good sustainability / social impact score. ESG Impact allows investors to understand the sustainability of their investment portfolios.
  • The ESG Impact Methodology was developed leveraging years of research by experts in sustainability / social and environmental impact. This methodology is purely quantitative and systematically applied to organizations across all industries using technology and algorithms. High quality data is used to calculate the ESG Impact scores (the output of applying machine learning algorithms and estimation models to structured and unstructured data to improve reliability and ensure the largest coverage).
  • Leverage Clarity AI’s technology platform to better manage portfolios for impact. Using big data and machine learning, it offers a wide range of societal and environmental impact scores and modules such as ESG Impact, UN SDGs, Climate module, and Impact of products and services
Region CountTypeStart Date
East Asia & Pacific 12,000+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
North America 5,000+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
Europe & Central Asia 4,500+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
South Asia 1,900+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
Latin America & Caribbean 750+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
Middle East & North Africa 650+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
Sub-Saharan Africa 350+Companies with High Relevance Data2017
Existing ESG scores available in the market focus on assessing financial risk linked to sustainability metrics, but are missing relevant and valuable information about the actual impact of investments on society. The ESG Impact score provided by Clarity AI is complementary to ESG Risk scores to help investors understand and report on the social and environmental impact of their investment portfolios. ESG Impact scores were developed using Clarity AI’s proprietary research methodology and an innovative dataset of sustainability metrics, developed by leveraging machine learning algorithms to increase data quality, reliability and coverage.
Firm Information
Clarity AI provides a technology platform that leverages big data and machine learning to help investors manage portfolios for impact. Offering the largest and most reliable environmental and social impact database (29k companies, 198 countries, 194 subnationals), Clarity AI provides insights on sustainable investing covering various modules (ESG, climate, impact, UN SDGs, and other proprietary methodologies), as well as score customization and reporting capabilities.
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