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Equifax Retail Smart Data Feed

Data Feed by Lucena Research

Added as Candidate: Dec. 13, 2019

Candidate Product
Candidate Definition
This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available via FactSet.
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  • Gain insight into macro trends in the market. Equifax collects and aggregates loan and credit information of over 800 million consumers and more than 88 million businesses worldwide. Lucena uses advanced data science on the anonymized data in conjunction with machine learning to turn Equifax’s six plus terabytes of historical data into actionable investment deliverables.
  • Identify optimal conditions for entry based on trends in bank card and retail card transactions of US consumers with the Equifax Bullish Retail Model. In addition, the model consults global macro, fundamental, and technical factors curated and engineered by Lucena.
  • Garner interest with sentiment-based data feeds or model portfolios all suited for various investment sophistications and styles.
Feed Details
Gain access to a simple and cohesive daily output file consisting of ranking, confidence scores and signal-strength values derived from one or more datasets. Signals are predicated on machine learning multi-factor models customized to a specific asset universe and investment objective.
Firm Information
Lucena Research connects Big Data providers with data intelligence seekers by extracting actionable signals from data using sophisticated machine learning technology.
Product Tags
Fundamentals United States Deep Sector <5 yrs