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Data Feed by Thasos Group

Added to Marketplace: Feb. 27, 2019

  • Rely on information derived from the highest quality data sources, using best-in-class normalization techniques created by a team of PhD data scientists.
  • Monitor a single restaurant or retailer's foot traffic patterns over time to uncover trends and better predict future performance.
  • Identify outperformers and underperformers across 130 publicly listed consumer retailers.
Feed Coverage
Thasos Bundle CountTypeStart Date
Full Universe 156Streams2015
Big Box Retailers 10Streams2015
Casual Dining 21Streams2015
Department Stores 10Streams2015
Fast Food 18Streams2015
Food Retail 12Streams2015
Feed Details
Thasos ConsumerStreams measures daily customer visitation at physical stores by continuously analyzing the locations of millions of smartphones. Subscribers use the data to predict same store sales (SSS), support long-term investment theses, and cross-validate other sources of data and fundamental information. Data feeds are available for any of the following subsets: Big Box Retailers, Casual Dining, Department Stores, Fast Food, and Food Retail.
Firm Information
Thasos is an award-winning artificial intelligence platform that transforms real-time locations from smartphones into objective and actionable insights on the performance of businesses, markets, and economies globally.