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Company Climate Risk Scores

Data Feed by Four Twenty Seven, Inc.

Added as Candidate: Jan. 08, 2019

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This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available via FactSet.
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  • Asset Owners: Evaluate the long-term risk exposure of your portfolio holdings and engage with management teams to foster investments in resilience.
  • Portfolio Managers: Incorporate equity scores into your portfolio construction and risk assessment processes.
  • Research Analysts: Understand long-term exposures of companies, industries and sectors as a key component of future return performance.
Feed Coverage
Region CountTypeStart Date
Global Equities 2,000Securities2017
Listed REITS 320Securities2017
US Munis 3,140Counties2018
US Munis 760Cities2018
Feed Details
Four Twenty Seven’s forward-looking data analytics empower investors to identify and mitigate physical climate risk in their portfolios. Leverage a database of over 1 million corporate facilities around the world and over 10,000 companies that are scored for supply chain and market risks. Over 2,000 companies are scored for operations risk based on exposure to climate hazards such as hurricanes & typhoons, sea level rise, extreme rainfall, heat stress, water stress and wildfire (forthcoming).
Firm Information
Four Twenty Seven is a market intelligence firm that specializes in analyzing the physical risks of climate change. We leverage a large number of public and private data sources to deliver science-driven analytics and ESG solutions to our clients.
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