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Data Feed by Blue Fire AI

Added as Candidate: Jan. 09, 2019

Candidate Product
Candidate Definition
This product is in the review and/or onboarding process towards full availability. It is not currently available for purchase via FactSet.
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  • Identify mispricings in on-shore equity prices 3-6 months in advance to create positions that capture true alpha. For example, the local market may be acting on something investors or the local media are not aware of; or there could be information that is not yet reflected in the market price due to market inefficiencies.
  • Overcome challenges faced by most overseas institutional investors investing in Chinese A-Share companies. For example, there is often limited coverage by global investment firms in English, asymmetric information with significant insight and events available only in Mandarin, and/or inefficient market prices due to the lack of diversity and depth of professional investors.
  • Leverage research powered by proprietary top-ranking algorithms. Access-AShare’s Word Segmentor reads Mandarin accurately while incorporating Chinese grammar, and their Entity & Relationship Extractor focuses on what matters from a capital markets investment perspective.
Feed Details
Inclusion of on-shore China A-Shares by MSCI has forced global asset managers to become buyers with USD $400bn anticipated in fund flows. China is still developing as a market. There is a great deal of information only available in Mandarin that is not reflected in asset prices due to lower institutional participation. Blue Fire AI’s Access-AShare has been built on industry-leading Mandarin reading, comprehension and interpretive technologies. Our algorithms machine-read Chinese financial media, identify what matters to investors, and express them as investment indicators on each company. We enable our clients to detect alpha opportunities when there are big dislocations in fair value of Chinese companies.
Firm Information
Blue Fire AI is a capital markets intelligence firm that applies quantitative methodologies to market and financial statement data, as well as machine intelligence to textual content from regulatory filings, articles, footnotes and earnings calls, to create the latest state of truth of any listed company globally. Our AI component is focused on reading, curating, and comprehending textual information to synthesize precise asset level intelligence to help investors make better decisions.
Product Tags
Asia Sentiment Fundamentals Prices