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Firm Information
Prattle is a research automation firm that generates automated analyst reports and directly tradable, quantitative signals by analyzing the language used by central banks and publicly traded companies. Prattle’s proprietary systems use predictive analytics and natural language processing to provide clarity to investors and finance professionals. The company was founded by experts in textual analytics and economic forecasting and is backed by top-tier Wall Street and Silicon Valley investors.
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https://open.factset.com/partners/prattle/en-us Prattle ’s most recent contribution to FactSet Insight explores how our Central Bank Analytics can be used to gain deeper insights into the economic conditions of a given country. Although the Australian economy had remained strong at the time of pu...

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The https://open.factset.com/products/prattle-central-bank-analytics/en-us Prattle Central Bank Analytics DataFeed provides sentiment scores on central bank communication based on the historical relationship between a bank’s language and corresponding market activity. Let’s examine how the recent...