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What is the Open:FactSet Marketplace?

The Open:FactSet Marketplace is a platform for premier data applications and workflow solutions tailored for investment professionals. The Marketplace offers FactSet’s own unique data sets along with those of carefully selected data providers, so you can find, select, and receive exclusive data in flexible delivery formats. The pre-linked, harmonized datasets available through the Marketplace give you a single point of access for data like ESG, satellite, ownership, supply chain, and fundamentals.

When you choose data from the Open:FactSet Marketplace, FactSet takes on the burden of reviewing data sources, scrubbing raw data, and connecting third-party content using our market-leading symbology, so you spend less time on data maintenance. Plus, our software automatically updates data so you can seamlessly link data feeds from the Open:FactSet Marketplace to your models and systems without the need for custom code, enabling your team to generate greater alpha.

FactSet will work with you to implement data feeds in your preferred environment and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

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The Open:FactSet Marketplace lets you simplify the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process because FactSet handles the details behind data management through our industry-leading concordance process, making traditionally siloed data interconnected and easy to use.

We will provide software to help you download the data and integrate it with your existing applications and models. The software handles connectivity, data retrieval, database setup, updates, and schema administration, giving users quick access to content.

Getting Started

Yes, subject to the requirements of our data providers. Once you have chosen a feed(s) you would like to trial, contact us and a FactSet Specialist will reach out to you shortly.

A FactSet Specialist will contact you with details to set up your free trial. The length and details of each trial depend on your requirements, data environment, and systems.

Data feeds are priced based on a number of variables, including the number of individuals that will be accessing the data, the use case the data will be supporting, whether or not the data will be redistributed.

Your FactSet specialist will work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide a detailed price estimate.

Data Providers

Our data providers are some of the world’s leading financial data companies, including firms like Markit, ISS, Mastercard, and Six. We carefully select providers based on the needs of our customers and gaps we perceive in the market.

We are always eager to hear from our community regarding new, interesting datasets that we should consider. All feedback is welcome and can be sent to

If you are interested in becoming a provider, please provide us your firm and product details here

Please Contact Us and a FactSet specialist will reach out to you.